Less is More

LOL. I love the expectancy and positive behavioral change awaiting the possibility of joining a spiritual community brings about.

Here I find myself deleting that might even mildly be considered illegal or pirated or stolen on the computer.

Also finding myself throwing away the iPod.   Don’t concern yourself with this though, giving it away would be more of an insult to someone than anything else, as it only works when being plugged in and also doesn’t have a functioning backlight so the screen is always dim.

Essentially, thanks to Guru Nayan who I’ve been living with recently, and to the entire universe and all Reality conspiring to help me :-), i realized that (hoping, hoping, fingers crossed ;-))  the Highest Truth and Good and the Greatest State of Being is all attainable without learning anything else.  Especially while reading this book written by a leader of the Hare Krsna movement, he makes it clear that simply chanting the mantra for a week will produce profound spiritual transformation and you will be very pleased with the progress.

So I realize, what if the answer to everything has been right in front of us the whole time?  Or better yet, what if it’s in us?  It’s not about reading any books or earning any advanced degrees…those things certainly help serve humanity…but ultimately it’s about spiritual wakefulness, self-knowledge, tuning into the truth that is you.  Know Thyself, as the Greeks like to say.

What is really inside us?  Do we ever give ourselves the opportunity to discover the truth of our being and our innermost nature?  Or do we constantly look in the world for the answer?  Why are we so afraid to go within, and just sit, and keep on sit, or maybe walk, and keep on walking?  What stops us from truly practicing self-inquiry and looking within for the answers to all of life’s problems?

In so many ways, I’m addicted to learning.  But, thanks to the encouragement of Guru Nayan and the Yoga Sutras, I realize that the most important ideas come down to a few basic truths that can easily be held in three books.  Everything else is filler, and useful, but really if you’re highly tuned in and connected with the basic truths, there’s not a need for much more.  If anyone is to fully embrace one truth all the time, all of us would know in an instant just by the sheer presence and radiance of the person.

I’ve been doing a lot of book reading recently, but every now and then I reflect back on the life experience I’ve had up to this point and realize how much more infinitely valuable that is than any book.  “Experience is the mother of all wisdom,” a proverb I learned from a brainteaser book.  Maybe that should be one of the three books I keep… 😉

The mantra of the unhappy world is “More, more, more!”  Something I first heard from Eckhart Tolle, quite possible an audio recording of a retreat he led that I might have pirated!  Alas, I think it’s worth sharing.  The answer is almost never more, but always less.  Yet, easy to say and hard to live by.

So here’s to less words and more living 🙂

Thank you!!!


p.s.  Books are good.  Experience in the three-dimensional world might be more useful for realizing God.


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