“Life and Death are the most important thing until…”

Notice, thou shalt not kill is not the one and only commandment, nor is it the first one.  See, life is wonderful. And death is inevitable.  Matters of life and death are largely beyond our control.  And so it doesn’t make much sense to spend one’s life worrying about when one is going to die or fearing death – what a futile effort!   Alas, until you’ve discovered God, life and death might very well be the most important thing to you.

Until you know God, until you discover Faith and are aware of the Eternal, you’ll probably value your individual, small self life and physical body more than anything else.  You’ll live in a dog-eat-dog world, us vs. them, where you’re concerned about safety and security.

A beautiful shift happens when you awaken to God and to your Eternal Nature, and you realize that you are safe no matter what, and secure no matter what.  You embrace life and death as guarantees, and realize there is much more to Life than the survival of your single physical human body.  Much more to Life!

Discovering God, you realize the greatest joy in life comes from humbly serving God and giving to the whole.  Living for survival is just silliness, and instead you live for actualization and fulfillment.  You live to give!  Because you’ve been given Life, are currently here in human form, and will surely live on beyond.  So why concern yourself with such petty concerns of the physical body?  Surely the Power that created the entire universe will also take care of the very small, nearly microscopic “you” 🙂

The realization of many saints and sages is that perpetuating physical life doesn’t matter so much as awakening to spiritual life.  It’s been said that the gift of food and water is nothing compared to the gift of faith.  It’s like, oh great you gave a non-believer food and water so they will continue to live an existence riddled with fear and worry. Much better to give a non-believer the gift of faith so that they may live a full, fearless life and do wonderful work in the world.  The gift of faith…ahh, such a gift 🙂

Once you have faith, human life is realized as an incredible gift, yet it is not something you cling to.  You are free from attachment to the body.  Sometimes, maybe not, the ego can sneak in, yet overall, (think of those times in the morning and evening when you’re in prayer and you’re in a state of complete knowingness of that which goes beyond human life), you’re aware of God, and being aware of God, you realize that things in this world don’t really matter that much.  Life is fun and meant to be enjoyed, yet there’s a freedom from the outcome.  With an awareness of Eternity, you begin enjoying the process.  The Gita describes this as renouncing the fruits of your labor.

Life matters most until you realize that it doesn’t.  And then God matters most.  The fear of death drops of away, because you not only embrace the inevitability of death of the physical body, but you also realize the eternity of God and understand that living for God and Higher Ideals/Values is the way to a fulfilling, whole life.  Living for survival of the physical body only gets you so far, but living for abundantizing the world and the spirit, there you have a lifelong process and beyond!

What’s the point of living to live longer if you’re ignoring the eternal part of yourself?  Without ever listening to the voice of God or the calling of your Soul, even if you “believe,” you’ll probably live one of those lives of “quiet desperation.”

Ultimately, the major gift that accompanies faith and awareness of God is the assurance that you are free to do what you love!  Death is something that happens, it’s not something to fear.  And nothing’s so important as your relationship with the Present Moment, which is where God and will always be with you.

So, by all means, aware of God, experience that Peace that Passeth Understanding.  Or experience whatever you desire!  When your aligned with God, awake to Goodness, whatever your desires are…they’re kind of like God’s desires.  So go for it 🙂  Ask and you shall receive.

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