God First, Safety Second

And finally i understand more of what Sivananda went when he referred to God saying,”He is one without a second.”  For the longest time i thought the second referred to a measurement of time, and maybe it can, but at least for now i realize the meaning of it when you place God first.

For me, the classic “First” is “Safety first!”  That’s what we say, right?  But now i realize that God is first, and then you can follow that with “Safety second,” but ultimately you realize that with God as the first priority, God is also the last priority and all priorities in between.  Truly, “God first!” means “There is no second.”

All we’ve got to do is turn to God and let go.  Come what may!

“Have no fear, God is here!”  🙂

The language of God can be off-putting to some beautiful spirits out there, or even if you’re comfortable with the word God, it can be hard to know what it means to put God first.  So here a few other ways to ponder what it means to practice “God first!”

You can think of practicing “God first!” as:

– honoring your inclination to serve, give, and contribute to your Present Moment Reality.

– honoring the Truth of your word.  Do what you say you will do.

– honoring the Spirit in everyone above any transgressions they may have committed. This is like practicing unconditional forgiveness, or live in agape-awareness, that is, aware of the infinite potential each and every one of us has to grow, give, learn, and become better and better.

– living the truth of the highest knowledge that is in you.  Honoring the highest in you!  Asking the question, “What would my best self?” and then do it!

– continuously asking and living the answer to the questions, “What can I give? How can I serve, here and now?  What’s the most I can do?”

– purifying your desires, intentions, goals and dreams so that they are good for everyone and everything, thus serving everyone and all creation!  Want only that which is good for everyone and everything.  And have goals that help many and harm none.

– Practice seeing everyone and everything as a gift to be cherished and loved.  When you see people, or any form of life, you can practice the Metta Meditation and/or think, “I love you and I am grateful for you.”  This is bordering on unconditional love.  You love people and life just for being with you in the Present Moment!

– Study Truth.  Ask to know yourself.  Ask “Who am I? Why am I here?  What is my purpose?”

– Open yourself to infinite possibilities.  Know nothing.  Embrace the possibilities of miracles, angels, and wonders happening right before your eyes, throughout the day, every day.  This moment!  Let it be.  A miracle.

– Dedicate your life to the fulfillment and realization of any Higher Ideal: like love, peace, or joy.  Or…being forever grateful for this abundance!!! 🙂

– Say, with your heart, “Thank you” to everyone and everything, all the time.  “Give thanks in all circumstances.”  Embrace the good in it all.  The Present Moment is perfect for you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

This post inspired by an afternoon walk.  Walking – how wonderful!

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