Instruction Manual for Life Pt. 1

1.  Enjoy Breathing.  Know God.

After some consideration, these two are largely one in the same. When we realize that we’ve been given the gift and the power to choose to enjoy our breath, something that is always with us, then we discover the freedom to enjoy each and every moment.  It is always a choice.  Given this great power, to consciously choose to enjoy each and every moment, it seems that the true nature of however we came to be must be inherently good.    Therein we discover God 🙂

How do you enjoy breathing?  Associate something wonderful with it, like God, gratitude, life, vitality, healing, consciousness, peace, love, joy, friendship, support, etc.  The breath is a resource given to each and every human being, and through practice, we can train ourselves to enjoy our breath, even every breath.  Since the breath is with you each moment, you can then enjoy each moment!  Ahhhh wouldn’t that be wild…to enjoy every single moment?

The first step to enjoying breathing is awareness of breathing.  So inhale deeply through the nose, become conscious of breathing, and smile, and release abundantly in gratitude 🙂

“Seek first ye the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness,” means seeking Heaven.  What is the nature of Heaven?  If Heaven is anything like a present moment experience of joy, peace, love, bliss, then our mission is to create that reality while we are here on earth.  The more we enjoy and help all enjoy, the more we are seeking that Kingdom of God and realizing it.

When we are happy, joyous, peaceful, loving, grateful, we are living in the Kingdom.  And the more we experience the Kingdom, the more we naturally share the Kingdom and help others find the Kingdom.  More significant than ‘learning’ about the Kingdom via books and people, our experience of the Kingdom inspires, liberates, and leads all more abundantly to the Kingdom.  It’s not what we know but how we live.  We teach and lead primarily by example.


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