One Relationship

As much as there are individual human beings on this lovely planet earth, we are only ever in one relationship. Hence, we find that our positivity or negativity is contagious and might be carried with us throughout the day.

We know people who are optimists and those who are pessimists. It’s an outlook on life. This view of life and the world ripples out to all of our ‘individual relationships’ and moment-to-moment experiences. Our view of the world, or paradigm, is what determines how we perceive reality, and our paradigm is a relationship we are in all the time. It is really the one relationship we have with reality.

Different people may draw out different aspect of ourselves and stir us to feel one way or another, but ultimately whatever we experience is contained within the confines of our paradigm, our worldview, our belief system. Change your paradigm and everything changes. As i read the other day in a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Believing is seeing. What we believe we will see. And those beliefs ripple out to color every experience we have in life – from now, to here, to here and now, to now 🙂

The paradigm / worldview / belief system can also be called our relationship with Reality. What do we believe is real? And whatever you believe, you’ll likely find convincing evidence for it. That’s when pragmatism is fairly useful: believe that which returns results that you prefer. So…pronoia, believing people exist to hep you, is a much more pragmatic belief than paranoia.

Interestingly enough, before beginning this post i thought it would be more a God-filled message, but currently it seems to be more intellectual and using reason…oh well 😉 Love is everywhere!
The relationship we have with the Reality can also be called the relationship with Truth, the relationship with the Universe, or the relationship with God / God’s Creation. We can view this relationship as a holy one, as sacred, as divine – and as i read this morning – a reverential relationship.

Instead of an I-and-It relationship, it can be I-and-Thou, a relationship of reverence. (An idea accredited to Martin Buber)
Walimg yesterday, embracing the “Peace is Every Step” way, synchronizing my breath with my steps and mentally repeating “Peace” with every step, until i saw an address #1234. Thanks to a friend, whenever i see basically any numbers in sequence i think “Priorities! What are my priorities?” Numbers are a way i think God/the universe communicates to us.

So when i saw these numbers and was reminded of priorities, i initially laughed, thinking something like “Come on God! I’m thinking about Peace, you’re telling me that’s not a priority?”

Eventually i decided that to sing and enjoy the gift of the present moment was more of a priority than internally experiencing the Peace. So I started to sing/chant a simple line first gleaned from Albert Schweitzer, “Reverence for Life.”

As i walked past trees and grass and flowers, looking all around me, i moved into a state of reverence for all the life. And i was so present! Ah, being present is wonderful.

The One Relationship we are in is always in the Present Moment. Our relationship with the Present Moment is all-encompassing. Sure, people can effect it, but ultimately we have the power within us to be aware of the relationship with the whole that we are always in.

No matter the external conditions, we can be in a reverential relationship. We can be in an abundant, loving, grateful, joyous relationship with our Here and Now. It’s a choice. And when we make that choice over and over again, we start living in that reality naturally.

This same principle of One Whole Relationship with Reality and the Present Moment also applies to how we experience abundance in our lives. If we presumably think we have a fairly abundant social life do not experience financial abundance, then really we’re limiting ourselves in all dimensions of our lives. Because life as an integrated process! Life does not separate itself; it is whole. So if you want to experience abundance financially, experience abundance socially! And experience abundance mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – realize the entire Reality is superabundant and provides more than enough of everything you need to enjoy your Here and Now. It is so abundant!!!

Or sure, you could see it as scarce. It’s simply a matter of perception. Neither perception is necessarily right or wrong – we are free to subjectively experience reality however we choose. When we’re conscious of this awesome freedom and power to choose, though, i don’t really know why anyone would choose scarcity 😉 Abundance is way more fun! And even finding a single penny on the sidewalk can be a totally abundant experience if you let it be. Express gratitude for the abundance already in your life and for the abundance you are experience right here and right now and the abundance will continue to grow and multiply!

One of my favorite quotes from Bob Proctor, “All you will ever need for fulfillment in life is awareness. Just so, all you will ever need for abundance in life is awareness. Shift.

And remember, we’re all only in one Relationship with the Entirety of What Is, Here and Now 🙂

God is Good Hallelujah!

Or, as my dad likes to say, “All is well.”


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