Responsibility to create and realize your Heaven on Earth

Heaven beyond human life is a bit inconceivable…just as the things we consider ‘miracles’ are nothing to the Power that created it all.  Whatever we ask for is small time in comparison to creating the entire universe.  Similarly, designing and discovering our Heaven on Earth probably isn’t all that big a deal for the One Power either.

And why is it our responsibility to realize our Heaven on Earth?  Well…whatever created us gave us awesome powers, including the ability to perceive and create beauty, as well as the ability to feel good and to smile and laugh and play abundantly and sing and dance with joy.  So, there’s a lot of fun to be had on this planet.  It can even turn into a total Funfest if we let go of our inhibitions and embrace the moment.  Alas, many ways to have fun and to enjoy, and because of this it seems reasonable that what created us wants us to experience the fun and joy that is at our disposal.

So then, as far as you can imagine, what would be something like your Heaven on Earth?  Earl Nightingale defined success as the progressive realization of your worthy ideal, and Heaven just seems to be another word for your worthy ideal.  What’s your worthy ideal?  What’s your Heaven?

The wonderful thing that as we progressively realize our Heaven, our Heaven expands and opens to even more possibilities.  We might begin by thinking our Heaven is any reality in which we’re doing work that we love, and then once we begin doing work that we love, our vision of Heaven expands to include more ideal circumstances.  Hence, the realization is always progressive.

My Heaven…also a Heaven I’d think would be wonderful for everyone…

is a community where people live simply and sanely, content with just a few material possessions, fully believing, realizing, and knowing that the treasures truly are in Heaven, and the best things in life are free.  The people in this community cherish the gifts we’ve been freely and abundantly given at birth, including in the ability to train and control the mind and body to realize Peace and Happiness and Love and all those worthy ends that we desire, that are pure and good for all.

This is a community where people desire God, people seek God, and people know God.  And perhaps we even know our interconnectedness and essential oneness, if that is the truth.  We freely and fearlessly express ourselves, connect deeply with each other, and laugh and play and sing and dance abundantly.  We also spend time studying the great texts of the world, including the leading texts of various religious traditions, embracing that “Truth is One and paths are many,” so we seek a holistic understanding and knowledge.

We eat whole, healthy, foods in community, praying and giving thanks together.  Appreciating the every day gifts!  Cherishing the abundance!

And we listen deeply to what is being said by each other and by the universe and by God. We listen to our hearts and trust the voice within.  We seek to know the Truth and serve in the Light of Truth, to heal, and to evolve.  Also, nothing is wrong with growing in gratitude and joy and laughter, tuning into the Cosmic Joke, God’s Divine Play, lila.  

We spend time together in stillness and silence, working together to train our monkey minds and becoming more peaceful and loving towards all.

We also enjoy nature abundantly and connect and revere all forms of life.

That is Heaven, for me.  Oh yeah, and we accept and enjoy every moment, always grateful!  So really, this moment is Heaven.  It’s independent of the external circumstances.  We realize underneath every pain, adversity, and / or suffering, there is a seed of goodness .  It’s all for good!

Awesomely enough, the ashram where i’m headed off to live for a few months, if not a few lifetimes, harmonizes with many of the qualities of Heaven listed above, if not all of them.  So i’m excited to see how my understanding of Heaven continues to evolve as it becomes realized more abundantly.  Who knows!

And as much as part of me is tempted to bring no books or notecards or anything with, simply armed with the water bottle labeled, “Love and Gratitude,” the ultimate Truth being simple and pure, for now i’ll have some books with me 🙂  Although, always open to change, and before i head out the door maybe i’ll leave all the books.   It’s a mystery!

Either way, immense love and gratitude for everyone and everything who has been part of the journey thus far.  And i realize the journey continues indefinitely.  In some ways we can start anew, and we die and are reborn each day, even each moment, and also it’s all cumulative.  Meanwhile, we can always accept complete, unconditional forgiveness of all that’s past and embrace the present moment while working to abundantize the future.  I am at peace with the past and love it for all that it has offered and continues to offer as i occasionally reflect and find new nuggets of gold.  It’s all so abundant!  So much learning, so much growth, so much goodness.

Ah, freedom.  The truth shall set us free! 🙂  Free to enjoy always, it’s abundant!

For now, Hallelujah!

And let’s continue to create our Heaven as much as we can.  God wants the best for us 🙂



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