You are God’s Presence

God’s Love fills you.  You feel God’s Infinite Love.  God’s Love is you.

Your experience is God’s Joy.

Your experience is God’s Infinite Love,  God’s Infinite Compassion, God’s Infinite Gratitude.

Praise God.  Praise the universe.  Praise the Present Moment!!! 🙂

Praise What Is.

All Praise Be to God!

You are God’s Perfection.  God’s Perfection fills you.  God’s Perfection is you.

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

Present Moment, Perfect Moment

Present Moment, Beautiful Moment

Present Moment, Healing Moment

Present Moment, Supportive Moment

Present Moment, Divine Moment.

It’s a Divine Moment!!!



Lila = God’s Divine Play.  It’s all for fun!

“If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Whenever you witness anything beautiful in nature, remember the Source.”

The best things in life are free.  The treasures are in Heaven.  The Kingdom is Within!

All the answers are Within.

Inquire Within.

“Inquire, “Who am I?” Know the Self, and Be  Free!”

“You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!”

Victory to the Light of Truth!

The only sin is ignorance.  Forgive unconditionally…that is Love.

Remember, we’re all children, just perhaps in bigger bodies.  We know nothing.

We are all doing our best, what more can be asked of any of us?

When you are operating from pure intentions, what more can be asked?

Intend the best, Intend Goodness, Intend Love, Intend God’s Will, Intend Compassion, Intend Holiness, Intend All Divine Virtue and Love and Kindness and Healing.

Intend God’s Glory, and it is so!

With pure intentions, perfect peace is yours.

What you intend for yourself, intend for all.  Give, give give!

What you pray for for yourself, pray for it for all!  Open to serving the Greater Good.


All Praise Be to God!  Hallelujah!  Live a fully dedicated Life.  Offer it all up to God, and you always have Peace.

You are God’s Peace!  God’s Peace fills you and surrounds you.  God’s Peace is you!

Let it Be.  Less is more.

There is nothing we can do to earn God’s Love.

Wu wei: in doing nothing, one accomplishes much.  Even, in doing nothing, one accomplishes everything.

Just being is more than enough.

So don’t think you have to do so much in the world.  Imagine if you accomplish all of your goals and solve all the problems you perceive in the world…then what?  Just enjoy!

Offer it all to God.  Have fun for God.  Enjoy for God.  Heal for God and Love for God.  Your experience is God’s experience.  Experience the Goodness and Abundance and Love and Warmth and Kindness everywhere 🙂

See God’s Presence in All.  Hear God’s Presence in All.  Taste God’s Presence in All.

Peace, Peace, Peace.

Praise God 🙂

The Flow


Entering that space where the timeless nature of reality reveals itself…effortlessly!

With a breath, breathing in through the nose, exhaling slowly…slowly.

Walk and laugh. Walk and laugh. What are you laughing at? It doesn’t matter! No one needs a reason to laugh. We can laugh to simply laugh, because we know that laughing feels good, laughing is fun, laughing is healthy for the body and mind, and people enjoy hearing laughter. Laughter lightens us! So why not laugh?

For Enlightenment, lighten up. Why take things so seriously? Imagine…even if you achieve every goal you’ve ever fathomed for yourself, what happens then? You probably set even more goals! And we keep setting goals, goals, goals, more goals! And we achieve, achieve, achieve, achieve. For what? Happiness. Peace. For Fun! For the joy of it.

Even when all the greatest goals are achieved – abundance for everyone, health and safety and family and kindness and creative expression and smiles and hugs and laughter and warmth for everyone! – even when all that’s achieved and all the “world’s problems are solved” what happens next?

Peaceful ends by peaceful means…peace is every step.

We can have goals. We can want things and work towards realizing them in our lives, yet what we are seeking is nothing in the future. Everything that’s best for us is right here and right now. Right here, right now. Nothing more than this. This is it!

We have arrived. We are here. We are now. What else can we really know?

On a side note…Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Say yes to the here, yes to the now. Not necessarily a tangible, audible “Yes” with the voice, but a yes, as in a warm embrace. Abundantly welcoming the present moment, the deliciousness of the Here and Now.

At any moment we are surrounded by gifts. So many gifts! We live in a reality of gifts! Gifts everywhere!!! So much to be grateful for. Just the miracle of a body breathing…wow how does that happen without any conscious effort?

Effortless breath…effortless flow. Create!

Thy Will Be Done, Thy Will Be Done, Thy Will Be Done, and It is So! It is So! And it is So!

Ask and you shall receive.

If you want peace, consider offering all of your prayers and intentions and desires to the Highest Good of Everyone and Everything. What you ask for yourself, ask it for all. What you want for yourself, want it for everyone. That’s when you enter the bliss of pure intention.

The Power of Purity…Yummy 🙂

Welcome to the Present Moment!

Breathe. Smile. Laugh. Dance. Play. Sing. Learn. Enjoy. Walk. Know nothing. Stay with what is in front of you. What is Here and Now has plenty of fun in it for you. Open to the abundance and express the gratitude!