Broadcast Your Desires!

Credit for this goes to Steve Pavlina, all humanity, and the entire universe 🙂


The keys here are…

–>  You can have anything you can imagine.  Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  Know what you want, focus on it, persist, and it’s yours.

–>  To get what you want, or what you desire / prefer depending on the language you want to use, it’s important to be at peace with the desire.  If part of you wants a sports car but another car thinks of yourself as a selfish greedy a*hole for wanting such a thing, then you’re not fully aligned with the desire and in a lot of ways you are repelling that desire from manifesting.  Align fully with what you want!  One way to align fully is to align your desire with the highest good of all, dedicating the realization of your desire to the greater good of everyone and everything.  With whatever you desire, be mentally clear as to how it will benefit yourself, perhaps even benefit everyone, and harm no one.  If you desire something that you’re aware of might consciously bring harm to someone or something, then chances are you’re not fully aligned.  Fully align with it!  Purify the desire, let it be for the good of all!  And this makes it so much easier to come to fruition.

–>  When you are fully aligned with your desires, then you’re completely free to broadcast them abundantly!  That is, share your desires with all the world!  Why hide it?  Post what you want on twitter, Facebook, instagram, pray about it daily, journal about it, tell your friends, share it with the entire consciousness so that the entire consciousness can go to work to realize the desire.  Tell everyone!  Fearlessly share the desire, because you know it’s for the good.  For example, a few of my completely pure desires that i have no problem sharing with all the world are to teach yoga and meditation to an abundance of people (yes…these desires could use a bit more clarity ;)).  I’m aligned with the purity of meditation and yoga and am completely comfortable sharing those ideas with people.

With that being said…some of my most recent desire, for the highest good of all! …

–>  Juice fast for two weeks…then 3 weeks…4 weeks…maybe 40 days?  This would be awesome.  Part of the theory behind this one…God wants us to enjoy.  The universe wants us to enjoy.  A lot of our enjoyment in life comes from food.  When we voluntarily deprive the body of some of the enjoyment that comes from food, the universe, or God, or both :-), starts thinking, “Uh oh, this human being isn’t deriving their normal level of enjoyment from food…guess it’s time to send them some new mediums for enjoyment.”  And then the flood gates open to surprises and experiences with the sublime and new ways of enjoying the Here and Now beyond taste bud sensations.  God always provides an abundance for us to enjoy, and if we remove some of the things that ordinarily bring us pleasure, God is sure to fill the void with some new abundance that will delight us entirely 🙂  If you think of food as holy communion or prasad or a divine gift, and then we remove food from the equation, suddenly we experience the divine gift / holy communion in new forms, equally if not more enjoyable 🙂  So…that’s just some of the reason for desiring to juice fast / water fast for a while…”fast from food to feast on higher consciousness!”

–> walking across America without any material possessions but perhaps clothes on the body.  This desire stems from wanting to be completely fear and realize more fully the unconditionally safety and love of God and the universe and people and all creation, knowing that with an intention to spread love and peace and joy and serve the highest good all, surely the body and mind are always completely taken care of, and even if they are not, well the body’s got to die at some point 😉  This desire is about realizing complete, divine freedom to travel abundantly in this world and know that God is always with me, in me, all around me, in everyone and everything.  Maybe someday i’ll muster up the courage to pull off this feat 🙂  At the same time, it’s not necessary to realize God’s unconditional love.  It could just be a really fun and glorious experience.

–> i’d like to lead Street Retreats.  That is, spend a weekend or week or two homeless with some people, voluntarily, to experience freedom from the material world and place trust more fully in the universe / God / the goodness of people.  Homelessness is liberating in so many ways…especially with an education…and you realize that the Kingdom really is within, and nothing external has any power over us…and all we ever need for fulfillment in life is awareness…and the time really is now and we are here and that’s all we know 🙂  So if any wants to go on a street retreat…perhaps spend a week homeless in new york city over the summer, let me know.  it’s a blast!  we’ll just walk and sing and meditate and practice yoga and maybe juggle and read bibles in churches and sleep in central park and dance on the streets…fearlessly and freely…it’s pretty blissful.  and then afterwards, we’ll experience much more freedom from material desires and realize how abundantly rich we are, just by virtue of being alive! conscious!

–>  miracles…well this isn’t as specific…but it’d be fun to live in an awareness that everything is a miracle, or everything is God, or everything is One…could be pretty exhausting…but hey…bliss 🙂  Miracles all around us!  Ahhh wonderful creation.  What miracles do you want to have happen in your life?  Ask and you shall receive 🙂

–>  earn certifications in laughter yoga, meditation, intermediate integral hatha yoga, raja yoga, and beyond!  this requires some financial abundance, which i’m sure will manifest in perfect time because these desires are pretty darn pure and have to do with serving the highest good of all and glorifying God and living simply / sustainably / universally and realizing more fully the Kingdom Within and enjoying each and every moment of life 🙂

–> spend a year in silence.  maybe that’s a bit of a stretch to start, since the most i’ve ever spent in silence is about 5 days…but even then i was chanting.  so…maybe start with a week or a month in silence?  just to experience it.  a month in solitude in even…just for the expansiveness of the experience…a bit of deprivation to really appreciate the gift of community and the voice…so easy to take people and the voice for granted.  Fast to feast!

–>  Serve at Upaya Zen Center in New Mexico…this seems like a very peaceful, easeful, loving, mindful community.  Personally, life seems more enjoyable when more steeped in practices of mindfulness, whether walking or eating or drinking or listening…mindfulness greatly enhances the quality of the present moment…and i feel like those Buddhists know what’s up when it comes to living mindfully in community.  So that would be a fun experience.  not sure where this experience will fall in the timeline of life…before or after some yoga certifications…but either way it’s abundant and with pure intentions it seems like it should be easy enough to manifest, so long as the mind remains open and “knows nothing.”  Know nothing and be free 🙂

–> and i guess this is one…free and healthy foods in abundance, preferably raw!  yay healthy foods 🙂 at the same time, there’s a desire to fast more regularly and adopt Gandhi-esque eating habits…aka living off lemon and honey and maybe flax seeds…simply and sustainably…feel awesomely light as a feather, with a tamed tongue regarding both desires for food and desires to speak.  listening to the body and only eating when hungry, only eating what’s best for the flourishing of body and mind and spirit.

–> to serve abundantly 🙂 selflessly.  giving freely and forgetting the small self in service to the whole.  Practice

Love love love.  tHANK YOU!  Om Shanti




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