All You Ever Have to do is Listen

Listen and you will hear Truth.  You hear God.  You hear Love.

Simply listen.

Salvation / Enlightenment isn’t about thinking a certain combination of thoughts that lead to awesome realization.  It’s more about surrendering it all, letting go completely and simply being.  Listen.

In each moment, we have the opportunity to experience the Light, the Love.  The Highest is available to us each moment, and we experience it moment-to-moment when we let go and let God.  Let Love.

Just Listen.  Unclench the fist.  Open up.

Let go of the desire to think your way into a better life.  Embrace Reality as it presents itself Here and Now.  Listen to the Music.

Listen to the breath. Listen to the heart.  Listen to the cosmic hum.  It’s always playing.  And like the cosmic hum, we can always be playing too…and really…we are whether we know it or not 🙂

And just one more thing…or three…

Adapt. Adjust. Accommodate.

Ultimately, don’t know.  Know that you know nothing.  That’s knowing.  So embrace infinite flexibility.  Flow like water.  Whatever bends serve your highest good and reveal Peace and Love and Joy to you, make those bends.  Whenever you find yourself holding rigidly to a position that causes discomfort, tension, or dis-ease, just let go.  Surrender knowing, and embrace the Reality of Infinite Possibilities and Potential.  After all, in this vast universe, who is any one of us to really know anything?  It’s all pretty miraculous 🙂

Responsibility and rule #1: Enjoy!

“Do it with joy or not at all.” – Gandhi

And…you can always fake it until you make it 😉  Slap on a smile and jump around like a bunny, ask yourself, ‘Why do I feel so good?’ and see what happens.

You must be present to win.  The present moment is always more than enough.  Embrace Reality!  When the mind wanders, bring it back.  Breathe.  Smile.  Go listen.

Listen. Love. Listen.


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