Dying Tomorrow…Living Today!

Personally, been connecting a lot with the power of mantra and holy chanting recently.

Consider all suffering arises from thought.  Without thought, we’re in the bliss, being fully in the reality of here and now, enjoying the goodness.  Beyond thought, our problems melt away and we become aware, moving past illusion and into Reality, Israel.

The Dalai Lama might tell you the purpose of living is happiness, and happiness lies in the Here and Now, not in the illusions of past and future.  Past and future only exist in the mind/thought, so happiness too is beyond the mind/thought…it’s in the here and now!  As it’s been said, happiness is in the journey, not the destination.

If not now, when?

The time to be happy is now!  The place to be happy is now!

And if the happiness reveals itself when we stop thinking and start being, what are we to do?

Well, it’s not so much a matter of doing, but a matter of being.  We are, after all, human beings, not human doings.

How do we move beyond thought, beyond suffering, into Reality, into Happiness?

This is where chanting and mantra come in.  You choose a song or chant or prayer or mantra, perhaps a single word or phrase, that is powerful enough to you that you find it worthy of repeating over and over and over again.  As you repeat it, it’s like you’re bathing yourself in a sound vibration.  It’s perhaps the best bath you’ll ever give yourself.  Let the sound vibration wash over you, cleansing away any illusion, any disease, and revealing the Kingdom Within, letting the True Self shine forth, beyond thought, beyond mind.

What’s this all have to do with living like today is our last day?  What kind of legacy do we want to leave?

Perhaps the most significant thing in any moment is your experience of peace.  Prioritize your peace.  After all, we can only give what we have.  What do you want to give?  To give peace, start by having peace yourself.  Same goes for health, happiness, holiness, and all the goodness you want to give.  It always starts with you 🙂

Each moment is the beginning and the end.  It is the alpha and the omega.  The moment is our time for happiness, peace, love, joy, everything and anything we want…the time is always now!

You must be present to win, as the signs in Vegas say.

When thinking about your great purpose in life, prioritize first this moment.  What can you do to experience peace in this moment?  Have you discovered your key to peace in the here and now?

Mantra or prayer or a single thought or word is so powerful in the Here and Now.  Give yourself one word that represents the Fullness and Allness to you, and whenever you think of it, let it bring you back, into the peace, into the bliss.  Practice enjoying awareness of this key for you, and each time you practice you strengthen it’s connection and power to enhance the quality of your Present Moment, to lift you up into a higher level of being.

Warren Buffett says the best investment is in our education.  As far as minute to minute investments go, mantra repetition is perhaps the greatest.  Every moment that you are aware of God / The Goodness / The Most High / The Ultimate / Source / Divinity / Reality, that ripples out to everyone and everything and benefits it all.  Each thought of The Best enhances life for all.  Perhaps the greatest way to improve the quality of our lives is to think of God (something like Infinite Goodness) more often.  Each thought of God, Goodness, increases our awareness and love and peace and joy.

Perfect Love casts out fear.  The more we think of Perfect Love, the more we cast out fear, and the more we realize Perfect Love in our moment to moment experience.  That’d be a nice way to live 🙂

If you ever find yourself stuck, or bored, or wondering what to do, practice mantra.  Repeat your ‘go-to thought/prayer’ over and over again.  Strengthen those grooves.  Dig the deep well.  Build the house on rock.  Think of Love, of Peace, of Joy, any Pure and Powerful Thought –> surely such thoughts will lead you in a good direction and open your awareness to the goodness all around and within 🙂

Ultimately, as the mind builds a wonderful connection with your One Pure and Powerful Thought, it will also move beyond the thought into the infinite.  And who knows what happens here.  It’s probably a pretty nice experience 😉

Meanwhile, i don’t think there’s any necessity that we transcend thought.  Training the mind to focus on the positive thought(s) is powerful and creates a wonderful world to live in.  Thoughts create reality, so thinking good thoughts is always a valuable service to humanity.  More and more, purify the thoughts, and at some point you may realize that there need only be one thought – of ‘God’ / Thy Will Be Done – And It Is So 🙂

Long-term…what does this all mean?

Once we train the mind to think only good thoughts, what do we do?

Create from there.  Move from there.  Move connected with the Purity, with the Goodness. Act Connected to the Ultimate.  And you realize there’s nothing you can do to realize Enlightenment or Salvation or Nirvana…you’re already in it!  So the creative process comes from a place of simply enjoying and having fun and loving and serving for the joy in it, not to ‘save the world’ or ‘help someone.’  You realizing anytime you help ‘another,’ you’re helping ‘yourself,’ and if you simply prioritize your peace and joy in every moment, you’ll always be good and that’s the most you can do.

Eckhart Tolle writes about 3 states of enlightened being: Acceptance, Enjoyment, and Enthusiasm.

Acceptance is accepting the present moment as it is, beyond resistance.  Not wanting to change it or make it different, but simply letting it be.  Let it Be.

Once you accept the moment, you can enjoy it. Smile at it.  Laugh with it.  Play in it.  Express gratitude for it and enjoy the fullness it offers.

Enthusiasm is a rarer state that actualizes when your actions are connected to fulfilling a long-term goal that is pure and whole and good.  So then…perhaps we all can have our magnum opus that we work/play on.  We can all work towards a creative masterpiece, or perhaps our long-term goal is a serene, blissful mind, in which case we can experience enthusiasm every time we sit for concentration/meditation to train the mind.  Any time we marshall willpower to consciously focus on the mind on good thoughts and worthy ideals, we can access enthusiasm, because we know that every thought counts and every thought ripples out into the vast ocean of consciousness, benefiting everyone as it benefits ourselves.

Love. 🙂

What are worthy long-term goals?  This isn’t for me to answer for you, however i will share some of my ideas on how i qualify worthy goals.

–>  Will this benefit at least one person and harm none?

–>  Could i peacefully wish that everyone realized this goal in their life?

–>  Is it simple, environmentally sustainable, and universal?-

–>  Will it move me closer to God?

–>  Is it fun?  Will i enjoy the process?

–>  Does this challenge me and push me beyond my comfort zone?

–>  Is this an investment in a more abundant, wonderful, loving future?

–>  What would be good for everyone to experience more of?

Some of these questions are difficult to answer, and also, depending on what level of awareness you’re operating from, some are irrelevant.  Alas 🙂  One of my favorite questions…”Are you having fun yet?”  No need to take things seriously.  For enlightenment, lighten up!  Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  No need for dogma.  Let go of knowing and be free to fully enjoy this moment, regardless of how it presents itself externally.  Internally, you have the Kingdom!

Generally, things i’d like to experience more of, and i think it’s safe to say most people would like to experience more of:

–>  Appreciation and Reverence for Life.  Seeing Beauty.  Hearing Harmony.  Hugs. Smiles. Laughter. Health.  Vigor. Strength. Flexibility.  Confidence.  Balance.  Safety. Security.  Warmth.  Kindness. Compassion. Understanding.  Serenity. Bliss. Playfulness. Present Moment Awareness.  Awareness of the Divine.  A sense of belonging / family / oneness.  Calmness.  Patience. Friendship.  Abundance.  Forgiveness.  Gratitude.  Service.

The above is a list of qualities that i pray for with gratitude, thanking What Is for the existence of such qualities  / states of consciousness and being.  And i comfortably intend that all beings experience the above qualities, so the prayers are pure and with that comes peace.  A good way to peace…what you pray for for yourself, pray for it for everyone 🙂  That way, you move towards living in the Oneness too.

“The fruit of service is peace.” – Mother Teresa

For peace, serve.  Just go and give.  Give to anyone or anything, and that includes the physical body and brain you’re responsible for.  Give it healthy foods, give it pure thoughts, give it kind social interactions.  Give it a clean environment.  Give it exercise and creative expression.  Give it laughter and smiles and hugs and holy music.  Give it warmth and comfort gentleness.  Give it forgiveness.  Give it good stories, wisdom, humor, and life lessons.   Give it love and acceptance and appreciation and gratitude and thanksgiving and safety and security and patience and calmeness.  Give it consciousness.  Give it deep breathes.  Give it rest and relaxation.  Give it ease.  Give these to yourself, and give them to everyone 🙂  Every interaction is an opportunity to give, and in giving we receive.  In serving we experience peace.  Think, “How can I serve?” and listen to your inner-guidance. Conscience knows.

Long-run…where does this leave us?

Make each day your masterpiece!

Each day, you can reflect on any moments when you were aggravated, anxious, tense, discomforted, confused, unbalanced, excessive, greedy, selfish, angry.  Remember these experiences, and seek to improve upon these circumstances the next day.

Personally, i know this body/mind can experience tremendous growth regarding it’s consumption of food and drink, experiencing much greater gratitude and reverence for the gift than it currently does.  Also, it can experience more love and connection and appreciation for people.  It’s all a divine gift, after all 🙂

We truly can live, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.”  Or at least, in one way we can get better each day.   Especially embracing 30 day challenges (testing out a new habit for 30 days to see if it adds value to your life), we can make tremendous strides and evolve our experience of life in so many ways.  30 days of mindful eating has thus far transformed my experience of food and now i have a constant reference point as to how much i can truly enjoy food if i slow down and connect with the Reality of the magnificence of that which is before me.  This applies to food as well as everything else…it’s all a miracle!  And it all adds up…from the beginning through everything to here and now…this is it!…the Cosmic Moment before us.  Breathe it in.  If we are to ever experience the Ultimate, now is a good time.  Forget the external circumstances.  You can close the eyes, breathe in deeply, and Realize.  Nothing more is needed.  Just this.

You can think of the human life experience as a process of training the mind to experience more and more peace and happiness.  Any time you forget your peace, that moment is your Guru, your teacher.  The Guru annoys!  So express thanks and gratitude for the Guru who annoys you and disconnects you from your peace, and cherish it as a perfect opportunity to reconnect, to turn the gaze inward and remember the Kingdom of Heaven that is Within.

Peace is every step, it turns the endless path to joy.

Peace can be your ultimate goal, realized each moment.  No matter the external circumstances, peace is with you, and you can always realize it.  Now is the time 🙂

And if you want some long-term goals, set the goals with the mind and body in a state of peace.  Also, consider that creative expression is cherished and a very beautiful thing.  What’s your medium of creative expression?  What is uniquely you?  What’s your holy way of communicating Love and Goodness and Peace and Joy and Happiness and Harmony?  Could it be teaching? Drawing? Singing? Dancing?  Speaking?  Writing?  Walking?  Laughing?  Caregiving?  Listening? Storytelling?  Organizing?  Healing?

“Live to flow.”  Enter the flow state.  Connected with Peace Within, allow for creative expression.  You can envision a ‘Magnum Opus,’ your life’s great work, all the while knowing that there is nothing we can do to earn God’s love, God is in control and we can relax, so there’s no urgency, and certainly the priority remains on Peace, enjoying, and having fun.

As someone once said…Follow your bliss.

To follow your bliss necessitates “Know Thyself.”

So, know thyself 🙂  Know what brings you bliss and follow it!

Following your bliss, you’re living in that 3rd enlightened state of enthusiasm, and that is contagious!

“Light me up! I’m on fire!”  Hallelujah.  Praise God.

And if you’re ever in doubt…return to the mantra, that thought which brings you totally security and peace.   If you don’t have one yet, get one!  It’s a wonderful investment.

And if you want…here’s a wonderful idea i read about…

“Intending goodwill is your safety net.”

When you’re intending goodwill, what more can anyone ask?  All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough!  Intending goodwill and goodness is all we can do in the present moment.  Simply put, goodness / goodness can be your rock to build the house.

Goodwill is your safety net!

The fruit of service is peace.

Om.  Amen.  Hallelujah 🙂

And ultimately…there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go.  Wu wei.

Play.  Have fun.  Serve humbly.  Rejoice and be glad.  “Be cheerful for I have overcome the world.”

If there is something to do, it is experience happiness. So be happy.  That’s your job!  Whatever that means for you.  And, a condition of happiness is that it harms none.  A pure form of happiness, benefiting at least one (and really all, for we are one :-)), and harming none.

So pure.  So peaceful.  Follow your Bliss.  And Remember…The Kingdom of Heavens is Within!

Remember Israel.  Love your moment!  Live in the Reality of Here and Now.  Embrace it.  All is a gift!  Gratitude is delicious.

Om Om Om Shanti Peace Here and Now Om


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