More Gratitude!

The key to happiness…more gratitude!

“Give thanks in all circumstances.”

Wouldn’t we all be happier if we were more grateful?

Imagine experiencing gratitude every time you eat a bite of food, every time you drink a sip of water, every time you breathe?

Imagine being grateful for every step you take in that magnificent body.  Imagine being grateful for every thought you have with that wonderful mind.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?

How to cultivate gratitude?

One way…fake it until you make it!

Make it a rule, “I will spend 5 minutes reciting sentences beginning with “I am so grateful for..”   By the end of the 5 minutes, what started out as an act will likely reveal itself as genuine and real like Israel.

Also…Patience and Presence.  Go slowly.

When we go slowly, practicing patience and presence, we can connect with the Miracle of the Moment, the Awesomeness of Here and Now, and we begin to see the Oneness of everything.

Imagine, in any body you see, be it human or bird or tree or grass, you can see gallons of water, for all the life you witness has been sustained by an abundance of water.  In all of us are lakes and oceans and streams and rivers.  You can see these bodies of water if you look with your storytelling eyes.  You can also see the brilliant bright sun shining through all of us, for all the bodies are sustained by sunlight, both directly with it’s warmth and nourishment and also indirectly through the food that it grows that these bodies consume and the trees that it grows that provide oxygen for these lungs to breathe!  Any time you look at a tree, you can see that tree inside you, for you are breathing the fruits of that tree.

When we go slowly and practice seeing the truth, living in reality, perceiving the Oneness,  the miracle of life in the here and now effortlessly reveals itself.

As Thich Nhat Hanh says, “The shining red sun is my heart.”  The trees are my lungs.

Separation is illusion.  Oneness is Reality.

To experience the Oneness, practice patience.  Go slowly.  Be present.  Seek the Source.  See with the Storytelling Eyes.  Look to the Origins of What Is before you.  See all that sustains the Life you witness in the Here and Now.  Realize the Cosmic History of this Present Moment.

In any car, you can see Henry Ford.  You can see Edison.  Tesla. And before them?  You can see Joan of Arc.  Jesus.  Socrates. Buddha.  And it goes back.  All the way back.  You can see the Source in it All.  It all unfolds, evolves perfectly to create Now.  Here.  That’s what we can know.  The Oneness.  The Miracle.  Awe.

Gratitude for Being.


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