Victory to Health!

Feeling healthy is nice.

After spending some time at the Satchidananda Ashram, i learned a far bit about healthy foods and how to take care of the body.

Anyway…as far as food goes…here are some of the current ‘big ideas’ that i think return wonderful health and feeling good 🙂

–>  As far as salt goes…Tamari, Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt, Real Salt, celery, and miso are all good sources of salt.  Anything else is pretty much garbage.  Of course, on some level it’s all divine 🙂  Especially miso…get yourself some miso!  It’s a superfood, whatever that means.  Eating miso every day might be one of the best decisions of your life.  And the pink salt, that stuff is fun.  Legitimate salt, unrefined, is loaded with an abundance of minerals.

–>  Probiotics. Get some!  Maybe this isn’t really a food, but it’s wonderful for digestive health and flourishing.  Miso also has probiotics in it, so you can just go with that.  More miso!

–>  Magnesium.  Get some!  Apparently magnesium is the number one mineral that many of us human beings are deficient in. Magnesium is calming, relaxing, and also great for digestion!  It is vitalizing too.  Relaxing and vitalizing…sound paradoxical…but from personal experience i’d say that’s what it does.  You can get the Natural Calm Magnesium Salt which is a great powder supplement.  Also, sesame seeds are loaded with magnesium.

–>  Sesame seeds!  They’re so abundant in everything.  Including love, magnesium, vitamin e, protein, fiber, gratitude, maybe some iron and zinc and potassium too. They’re super!  The thing is, swallowed whole, they are indigestible.  So best to grind them and eat them fresh!  Or make Tahini, which is just ground sesame seeds (perhaps add a bit of water or sesame oil to smooth out the texture).  Tahini is probably the best way to extract the most abundance from the seeds…let the grinder / blender do the chewing for you, so you can just savor the flavor and let the body perform it’s miraculous digestive processes. Or, if you want to eat them the more natural way and chew them, i encourage you to chew them alone without other foods in the mouth; otherwise, you’ll probably miss biting on the seeds and just poop them out whole 🙂

–>  Flax, chia, and / or hemp seeds.  All of these are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids which are great for the brain!  7 grams a day is the recommended amount i heard from a brain doctor guru guy.  And really…i don’t think you can easily overdo omega 3 abundance.  For flax seeds, like sesame, grinding / blinding is essential otherwise they are indigestible.  Also, once you grind them, best to consume them immediately / within 5-10 hours because after that apparently a lot of the beneficial oils evaporate…or something like that 🙂

–> Source of Life.  awesome multi-vitamin.  not necessary but i thoroughly enjoy it and feel pretty good after taking it.  it’s big and green and smells delicious.  also totally vegan!  except for maybe the bee pollen in it…still not sure what the deal with bee pollen is but apparently it’s abundant.

To review…

Sesame Seeds. Chia Seeds.  Flax Seeds. Hemp Seeds.  Boom.  With those, your brain and body are flourishing.

Miso.  Probiotics.  Boom. Digestion is flourishing.

As far as physical movements go, the sun salutation is a beautiful flow of movements that warm and limber the entire body.  In addition to the sun salutation, a forward bend, backward bend, inversion (any posture where the heart is above the heart, also achievable using an inversion table), and a spinal twist provide all the basic benefits of any hatha yoga class.  Then deep breathing and meditation are added bonuses are help with overall sense of peace and happiness 🙂

Back to living at the ashram…

Success at an ashram requires personal responsibility.  You thrive in ashram community with proper knowledge about how to adequately nourish the body and mind and then marshaling willpower/discipline to live in the wisdom that you know is best.

It’s one thing to know that eating a salad at lunch and dinner is good for you, it’s another thing to actually eat one or two.  It’s one thing to know about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, it’s another to drink it.

Things that i ‘know’ but don’t necessarily practice, although am at working on consciously practicing them more!…

–> Raw foods. Abundance!  They have the digestive enzymes.  Cooked foods lack the digestive enzymes.  Foods close to nature make sense.

–>  An abundance of water! And to separate drinking and eating, so to not dilute the digestive fire.

and now i’m hearing a dog whining…time to comfort and stop thinking what we eat is really all that significant.  Rule number 1…enjoy 🙂  And let it be compassionate.  Love!

love love love love om love om


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