Giving and Receiving

The other day a friend admired a hat i was wearing, so i offered it to him.  He accepted it 🙂

Later in the day, someone gave me a hat.  And personally, i’d say it’s a warmer, more comfortable hat.

Give and receive 🙂

Living at the ashram, either on the day of or the day after giving away all the money i had, while serving on a housekeeping shift, someone left a good sum of money in the drawer of the room they had stayed in and i was then cleaning.  Go figure.

Give and receive 🙂

The laptop i sometimes called ‘mine’ is on semi-permanent loan to a friend.  Now i get to use this awesome mac laptop, because hey…i don’t have another one to use!

Give and receive 🙂

On a day when fasting, voluntarily giving the body a rest from food (some might call it ‘depriving’), a whole abundance of other ways to enjoy the present moment came flooding ‘my’ way, including the gift of playing with a dog, as well as lots of hugs and laughter.

Give and receive 🙂

Now time to make some buckwheat pancakes.  Full effort is full victory!

Love love love.

Remember…the next time you see someone…it might be the last time you ever see them…and you might also be the last person they ever see…you never know.  Cherish the gift 🙂  Love All!

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