Piglet Guru Mangalam: There’s No Rush.

There’s no rush…so why don’t we chew our food?

There’s no rush…so why don’t we enjoy every bite?

There’s no rush…so why eat if we’re not hungry?

There’s no rush…so why don’t we enjoy this breath?

There’s no rush…so why don’t we smile?

There’s no rush…so why don’t we just relax?

There’s no rush…so why don’t we appreciate the goodness before us?

There’s no rush…so why don’t we enjoy the fullness of this present moment?

Piglet Guru says: What am I going to get excited about today?

–> Seeing Beauty in Nature!

–>  Realizing the Oneness of all creation during a mindful meditation before a meal!

–>  Repeating mantra and digging a deep well full of love and gratitude.

–>  Sending love and light to people who have graced me with their presence throughout life.

–>  Giving the mind a creative outlet through song, dance, and/or writing / speaking enthusiastically!

–>  Deep conversations about the awesomeness of Creation, the true nature of Reality, Subjectivity, God, Truth, Goodness, Power, Abundance!  Love love love 🙂

–>  Divine surprises!  Often in the form of an abundance of hugs, smiles, and laughter.

–>  mindfully walking, enjoying the simplicity of walking.  Just walking.  Feeling the feet move on the earth.  Listening to the breath and all the sounds.  Appreciating the moment.

–>  Serving in a humble, simple way.  Whether cleaning or organizing or throwing stuff away or listening or affirming a stranger, all the wonderful opportunities to serve!

–>  Learning new ideas and more fully integrating powerful ideas to live a holier, happier, healthier life, setting a universally good example for everyone!

–>  intentionally feeling really good, generating wonderful vibrations, being so grateful and loving and open and warm and welcoming.  Hallelujah!

–> consciously breathing, deeply, fully, counting the inhales and exhales, just enjoying the rhythm of the breath.

–> holding a headstand for maybe as long as 12 minutes!  Who knows?

–>  Giving stuff away that i no longer use, and throwing stuff away too!  Simplicity is soooo golden.

And as the previous post alludes too…

If you’re writing…chances are you’re full of it (yes, i’m looking at myself ;-)).  If you’re living, then Hallelujah, keep on living 🙂

The writing can help us reconnect with our values and ideas we find valuable, but ultimately the expression of the ideas in the form of words is one thing…living the ideas is way more powerful.  Hence, you think of the most influential people of all time…none of them are necessarily known as great writers, although much has been written about them.  Rather, they practiced what they preached, nearly every moment of their life,  and people wrote down what they said and how they lived because it was that compelling.  So really, instead of us all concerning ourselves with sharing our best and brightest ideas in the form of a book or blog posts, let’s share ourselves fully and abundantly in the form of setting a wonderful example in this Present Moment 🙂  Remember to smile!

Praise God!  Perfection in, Perfection out.

Om Om Om.


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