“To Get What You Want, Really Want.”

i came across this quote the other day as a title of one of Wayne Dyer’s talks on YouTube. i didn’t watch the talk, but am very intrigued by the title.  Love the simple truths 🙂

Speaking of which…Santa Claus.  Just this morning i realized the tremendous value of Santa Claus.

What moves us as humans?  Desires!  When we want something, we move.  Or, sometimes we want stillness, so we stay.  Either way, desires lead to action.  Strong desires like to powerful action.

Apparently on Matthew Kelly’s tours to schools around the country, he sometimes asks the audience, “What do you want most in life?” and very few have any idea.

What do you want most in life?

The more we tuned into our highest desires, the more we know ourself and the more we can take powerful action to realize the fulfillment of our desires.

Having kids ask for presents from Santa Claus is a great way to help them connect with what they desire.

What would you ask for from Santa Claus?

You can also embrace the more surrendered attitude, “Thy Will Be Done.”  Whatever you bring me, i know it’s perfect for me.  This philosophy of living leads many to become wandering monks / saddhus, which is totally cool and a great way to realize the goodness of God.  At the same time, i don’t think this lifestyle is asked of anyone, because God loves us all no matter what!, and there is nothing we can do to earn God’s love.  However, it is a pretty fun way to live (speaking from small-time personal experience ;-)).  Day-to-day, moment-to-moment surrendered life is a good time for sure.  As long as you trust in God, or even the Power of Peace and Love and Good Intentions / Goodwill, you’ll always be provided for.  Choose with love and you’re set.  Align with Goodness.  Love everything.

From Santa Claus, i ask for myself and for everyone…

–>  Knowledge to live life in a holy, happy, healthy way, that sets a good example for everyone and everything.

–>  Discipline to live in a way accordance with the Highest Knowledge.

–>  Peace in every moment.

–>  To unconditionally love everyone and everything.

–>  Willingness to listen to everyone in a spirit of love, gratitude, kindness, and compassion.

–>  A service-oriented attitude.  To think constantly, “What can i give in this Present Moment?  How can i serve Here and Now?” and act accordingly.

–>  a growth-oriented attitude.  To learn from every mistake and share the lessons as effectively as possibly so that everyone may benefit from personal ‘failures/mistakes’ and that we can grow together.

–> an abundance of hugs and laughter and smiles and dancing and singing on a daily basis 🙂

That’s enough for now, Santa.  Thanks for everything 🙂


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