To overcome obstacles/challenges, name them.

And then, after naming it, that which challenges you no longer possesses such mysterious qualities, but you make it something tangible and more easily understandable and therefore conquerable.

Meanwhile, you can also shift your perspective to the level of perceiving the Divine Play or Divine Goodness in it all.  You can perceive the universe as a big playground for you to enjoy, and that each moment is perfect for you and your healing and growth and evolution and enjoyment.  So then these obstacles you face because toys – things for you to play with!

Some obstacles i’d like to overcome / realize they are just toys to play and give me direction moving forward and provide for divine entertainment 🙂

–>  food being thrown away in the trash, especially health, organic, natural food.  Like fruits…oh boy is it tough for me to see fruits thrown away.

–> looking more closely, i can see the scarcity mindset evident in this behavior and stimulus/response reaction.  Truly living in total abundance and infinite goodness, there is now wrong, and food being thrown in the trash is an inevitably of there being more than enough food for everyone, and anytime food is thrown away can really be a symbol of great abundance.  “Look how abundant this place is!  We can throw food in the trash because there’s more than enough for everyone.”

–>  Also, from the higher perspective, more cosmic perspective, on a much grander time scale than a single human lifespan, it becomes clear that wasting food is an illusion, and ultimately all food like all forms of energy return back to the wholeness.  We are dust and to dust we shall return!  The Oneness is inevitable.  Only seeing in the very short-term does anything look like waste or scarcity…long-term you realize interconnectivity, abundance, and oneness.

–> listening to ‘small talk’ or people talk about ‘seemingly insignificant’ things.

–> perhaps you get the same feeling reading this blog post 😉  Which reminds me, “All  problems are significant.  A person’s toothache matters more to that person than an earthquake in China that kills thousands of people.”  Whether 1st world or 3rd world problems, all problems matter and deserve attention and effort to overcome them and realize the illusion behind them and to ultimately see the divine goodness in them 🙂

–>  last night i found myself intensely annoyed, sitting playing bridge with the family, while the sister was coaching me / being a backseat driver as i played the hand.  I eventually stood up and walked out of the room saying something like, “i’m leaving this room to reconnect with peace.”   Ultimately,  we can realize peace in any environment (“External circumstances have no power over us unless we let them,”) and in many ways it is a skill to develop. Until we develop the skill to connect with peace in every moment, it can help to change our environment.  Pratipraksha Bhavana.

–>  The Guru annoys.  Whenever you find yourself annoyed, boom!  There is your Guru, your perfect teacher in the Present Moment. And then you can rejoice in the presence of the Guru and in your awareness that the Guru is present, and that the universe cares enough for you to offer you these wonderful opportunities to learn and grow and consciously evolve.  Cherish the gift of the Guru 🙂  What a gift to be annoyed!

–>  Not eating mindfully sometimes get’s to me.  When i see ‘other people’ standing up and eating, or eating without prayer before, i can easily judge.  And i also judge ‘myself’ when i eat standing up or without ‘adequate’ prayer/meditation/gratitude before.  There is something so beautiful about going slowly and connecting deeply with the story and reality behind the food and the whole adventure it’s gone through to arrive in the present moment with us.  Meanwhile, there can also be a beauty in accepting the universe as so awesomely abundantly that you can eat food on the go, maybe just with a quick “I dedicate this to the Lord,”  or send it some “Love and gratitude,” and then feast.  Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like there is any one right way to eat food. “Truth is one, paths are many.”  😉  And even there isn’t any particular group of foods that are right to eat and other’s that are wrong.  On some level it’s all Divine, all One, all Holy 🙂  The mindful eating practice is quite slow, a wonderful way to connect and really enjoy the food and bring full awareness to the activity, and in this way i think regularly practicing mindful eating can greatly enhance the overall quality of life and enjoyment for any person, so why not do it?  At the same time, i’ve heard of monks in Mt. Athos who spend a total of 20 minutes a day eating, 2 meals a day in 10 minutes time, and then the rest of the day they’re sort of steeped in mantra and prayer.  So they aren’t necessarily experiencing the mindful bliss that mindful eaters might, but their consciousness is constantly directed towards God, so that probably works too 🙂

–> Perhaps the generalization here is…whatever you do…do it with love and gratitude.  Dedicate it to God and it always works out in a wonderful way.  Enjoy!

The truth can be as simple as: choose love.  It’s a choice. Each moment.  If it helps, slow down.  Or speed up!

And just a fun thing i noticed recently, after browsing many articles on how to be happy and thinking back over what i’ve read…not once have i read something that encourages anyone to watch more television!  Ha.  i’ve watched a TEDTalk that talks about the merit of video games, but not TV!  So go figure.  Watching less TV and replacing that with some more engaged activity seems like a wonderful way for almost all of us to grow.  Or just turn off the TV completely and forever!  Chances are, you might experience a ‘pain period’ of detaching from it, but ultimately your life will become much richer, and you’ll likely begin to enjoy people more, enjoy nature more, enjoy the smallest things, and realize you don’t need to be plugged into what’s happening 1000 different places around the world in order to feel totally wonderful and fulfilled.

The highest experience is available to us in this very moment, the Golden Present.  God is here.  God is Now.  Regardless of what’s going on externally, the Holy, Heavenly, Highest Kingdom is available to us each moment.  Hallelujah 🙂


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