Awareness of the Cosmic Moment

This is a pretty awesome feeling.  It might also be what some people called Cosmic Consciousness.

More than just being able to say what it is, it’s an experience.  Like earlier today i read something about the power of repeating a mantra 12,000 times or something like that…and apparently you just have to experience it 😉

So, as much as it is an experience, i find myself writing about it now because i just rather mindlessly consumed two abundant bananas.  Food, for me, has been one of the few mediums by which i have slowed down enough to connect with the Cosmic Moment…the epic accumulation of every event in the entire creation to add up to this momentous occasion!  In some way, it all perfectly adds up to the moment of abundance, of a body being provided nourishment that can sustain it and facilitate more creative expression and enjoyment.

The times when i most regularly experienced ‘The Cosmic Moment’ was during a 30 day challenge where i ate every meal mindfully.  Very slowly, one bite a time, generally chewing the food with the eyes closed.  But more significant than the act of eating was the process beforehand, in which i would recite Thich Nhat Hanh’s poem, Peace is Every Step, which goes something like this…

Peace is every step.

The shining red sun is my heart.

How fresh, how green all that grows.

How cool the wind that blows.

Peace is every step.

It turns the endless path to joy.

Reciting the above poem as a sort of prayer prior to mealtime, i’d then proceed to see the sun in the food, which i’ve referred to before as ‘seeing with storytelling eyes’ or ‘origin seeing.’ It’s looking at the food and connecting with the journey it’s been on to arrive in front of you.  You can start with the food being planted, then rained upon, the sun shining on it, the people harvesting it, transporting it, the person stocking it in the store, the person who bought it (maybe you) and placed it in front of you.  What’s also fun to do is go back before the food was planted, and see all the technology involved, all the people involved before that specific seed was planted, see civilization unfolding, and this way of looking at the food can take you all the way back to the beginning of creation…and then wow!  You’re in the Cosmic Moment 🙂

Another fun way of looking at the food is with gratitude for all the people who also shopped at the same store but didn’t buy that piece of food, you can even imagine that everyone who passed through the store, even everyone on the planet, intentionally allowed that the food to be exactly where it was so that it could come to you, to nourish and sustain you.  It’s all a massive conspiracy to support your thriving and flourishing 🙂

Like walking on the street and silently thanking everyone who passes you for sharing the moment with you, you can also thank them more specifically for allowing you to breathe, and even begin to thank them for all the things they’re not doing!  Thank you for not attacking me, thank you for not hitting me with your car, thank you for not blowing cigarette smoke in my face, and the list goes on 🙂  So really, in any given moment, there are infinite opportunities for thanksgiving and abundant gratitude.  What a good creation indeed!

Generally speaking…

Being aware of the Cosmic Moment is pretty flippin’ sweet.  At the same time, simply breathing is flippin’ sweet.  Hugging someone is sweet.  Laughing is sweet.  There are many flippin’ sweet ways of being and experiencing the world, so feel free to enjoy all the different ways of sweetness.  Every time you sit down to eat, you can look with storytelling eyes and see the entire creation unfolding perfectly to provide for the abundant moment, or you can simply scarf down the deliciousness and be grateful that you’re free to do that too 🙂  Truth is one, paths are many!


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