Daniel Amen, Brain Guru

This guy writes awesome books.

Perhaps my favorite part about what he writes is that it affirms all the ‘self-help mumbo jumbo’ i’ve been reading and listening to for years, and he affirms it using science!

So instead of just theorizing, “Negative thoughts are bad,” or “Accept responsibility,” he actually employs his understanding of the brain and neuroscience to look at which parts of the brain are affected by certain thought patterns and prescribes ways to overcome them.

Ah…i’m totally falling in love with the direction some science is going in.  Dr. Amen encourages for us to observe our thoughts, to be aware of negative thoughts, label them, and then re-frame them in a more truthful light.  Essentially, negative thinking is grounded in falsehood, and the key to overcoming them is to broaden the perspective and in some sense accept that, “we don’t know everything,” and open to possibility.  Like…thinking, “This person is out to get me,” makes a whole lot of assumptions.  A more truthful statement is something like, “This person might be having a bad day.  They probably aren’t  personally intending anything against me.”

Anyway, back to falling in love with science.  Dr. Amen not only recommends for all of us to be more aware of our thoughts (quite the yogic practice!), but he also talks about the value of improving our social skills, listening, physically touching, exercise, and proper nutrition.  No matter where you look, the same holistic prescriptions keep popping up!  We don’t need more pills, what we need is to accept personal responsibility for our lives and engage in those behaviors which we know are good, although maybe not enjoyable in the short-run…they can become way more enjoyable when we connect with all the long-term benefits!

Now was soon as i read about Dr. Amen advocating intentional laughter…ahh that will be glorious!  Maybe chanting too, yea if he advocates chanting, woohoo!

Based on what i’ve read recently by him, he’s not necessarily on the vegetarian / vegan train, mentioning that our brain needs a good amount of protein for optimal function.  However, when he lists good sources of protein, he includes fish, meat, beans, and nuts. Beans and nuts and seeds for the win!

Well then, here’s to the Present Moment!

What’s your relationship like with the Present Moment?  Fill it with love and gratitude!

Also, new practice i’ve been working with that you might enjoy too! – whenever you see a body of water, meditate on it.  Send it some love and gratitude, peace and joy, good vibes 🙂

And bodies of water potentially include oceans, lakes, rivers, streams…and also glasses of water, toilet bowls…even human beings!  After all, these bodies are made up of 70-90% water…so whenever you see a person, meditate 🙂  Send them all the goodness you can muster!

Praise the Lord of Love!

The Truth Shall Set Us Free!


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