Less Doing, More Being

We are, after all, human beings, not human doings.

The taoist principle of wu wei can be translated to mean, “In doing nothing, one accomplishes much.”  Or even, “In doing nothing, one accomplishes everything.”

One of the ‘my’ favorite things i learned while being at the ashram was that the hatha yoga practices are by no means an essential to higher consciousness or peace or enlightenment or whatever you want to call it.  Hatha Yoga can help feel more comfortable in the body and opens up some energy channels so you feel a nice flow of prana / chi / qi / life force and you might finish a hatha practice feeling energized, relaxed, calm, clear, invigorated, peaceful, and so much – so yes there are wonderful benefits 🙂 – but none of it is essential for the ultimate goal…which is…whatever you want to call it!

As i heard at the ashram, the hatha yoga is really just a simple, sustainable, healthy practice that harms none and benefits the practitioner.  The definition of a perfect act is just that – one that harms none and benefits at least one person.  In this way, you can consider practicing hatha yoga a perfect action.  So that’s great!  Yet, there are all kinds of perfect actions we can engage in at any moment.  The key is that it harms none.

How often do we find ourselves involved in activities that are harming someone or something, even ourselves?  Sometimes i think watching or reading the news is one of those activities.  By allowing toxic thoughts into our minds, we are harming ourselves.  Hatha yoga is just an activity to fill some of our time, and it feels good!  And hey, better to be practicing some hatha yoga than read the news.

Perfect act…those that harm none and benefit at least one.

No need for us to harm anyone, including ourselves.  We can harm none physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Let us only benefit!

This might mean turning off the TV. Thank goodness God provides an abundance of variety in this delightful universe 🙂

And if you’re looking for a perfect act to do…you can simply stop.  Be. Being is a perfect act.  Deep breathing is a perfect act.  Smiling is a perfect act.  Expressing gratitude is a perfect act.  Prayer is perfect. Meditation is perfect.  Sit.  Breathe. Smile. Be.

Enjoying is perfect 🙂

Praise the Lord!

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