Different Levels of Pleasure. What’s your Motivation? RAW! Oneness

Short-term, medium-term, long-term, eternal.

Mindfulness pleasure is most like a joy in the eternal.  It’s great.

And what’s your motivation?

Depending on what motivates you, you’ll experience more or less energy.  If you’re motivated by the flourishing of your small physical self, then you’ll live one way.  If you’re motivated by the flourishing of all humanity, then that could lead to a different life.  Who are you here to serve?  What are you serving?  What are you dedicating your life to?  Is it just you, or is it You (All…Ya’ll ;))?

Recently this body has been doing lots of cooking.  Which is somewhat strange considering that just weeks ago it had been eating an abundance of raw foods and probably felt healthier and more energized than ever before.  So why change?

Part of the motivation for the cooking has been to provide healthier nourishment for the parents, and to show them some delicious vegan ways of feasting, perhaps hoping that enough yummy cuisine might inspire them to make the switch, or at least try out vegan foods more often.  At the same time, it provides a novel experience for ‘me’ as it’s a lot of cooking and prep that i’ve never done before.

What i’ve come to realize is that, even though there are good intentions regarding nourishing the parents and perhaps inspiring them to a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle, it’s also compromising a lot of the core of what i’d like to stand for (that is, what i have stood for that energizes me far more than just inspiring two people!).

So you can be motivated to help just a few…like your nuclear family…or you can be motivated to help many, like your city, maybe even your entire country.  Maybe you’re motivated to help your entire race!  Or maybe even your entire gender!!!  And then one of the most expansive motivations we can fathom, you can be motivated to help the entire human family, or even every single form of life!

I recently spoke on the phone with a Christian friend of mine.  He’s one of the most devout people i know.  Every Saturday he goes to an abortion mill with his wife and some fellow churchgoers and prays outside the mill for hours.  He said he prays for the people working inside and the people going in.  “They’re killing babies in there.”  And i couldn’t help but think…yes…and if you went to a slaughterhouse you’d find an even greater genocide, as far as the number of lives is concerned.  He is motivated to helping the whole human family, but in that he eats animals, his motivation might stop there and not expand to include all forms of life.  Not to say one motivation is better than the other, they are just different.

So back to the cooking-for-the-parents-shenanigans.  In so much as it’s way fun to cook and prepare healthy vegan dishes for the parents, the act compromises my understanding of what’s ‘best’ for the world, i.e. what’s healthiest for people, compassionate towards all forms of life, and most sustainable for the planet.  This means not just choosing vegan foods…but ultimately raw vegans.  Because the raw foods have live enzymes that allow for greater nutrient absorption and better digestion.  Raw foods also demand less energy from Mother Nature, as they bypass the cooking process.  So they are easier for the body to digest, provide greater nutritional value, and cost less to Mother Nature.  It make sense that our natural bodies eat natural foods, as they occur in nature!

And yes, transitioning to raw vegan from vegan is a challenge for the tongue and the taste buds…you know how they have their preferences ;)…but like almost all good investments…there might be pain the short-term, but in the long-term, big payoff.  Greater health, vitality, and peace of mind in knowing you’re making a universal decision.

Not to say, ‘Never eat cooked foods!’  Once you’re aware of the benefits to the body, all forms of life, the wonderful earth and Mother Nature, conscience might nudge you a little bit every time you eat cooked foods, and maybe the peaceful waters might feel a bit turbulent.

Just tonight, i ‘practiced’ a crepe/pancake recipe to see if i could make it work to hold vegan taco meat (lentils and veggies in abundance!).  The pancakes turned out okay…but as they cooked i couldn’t help but wonder why i was cooking such delicious ingredients when i could just eat them raw.  Sprouted Quinoa, Sprouted Buckwheat, Flax Seed, Miso, ACV…why would i ever cook such abundantly nutritious ingredients?  The process almost made me feel like i was slapping Mother Nature right in the face!  “Here I provide you with these superabundant raw foods, and you want to heat them up and cook away so much of their nutritional abundance, just for vegan tacos?!?”  What silliness!

Alas, thank goodness it’s in the past.  And ultimately i’m not sold either way.  I suppose i began writing this in hopes to ‘convince myself’ that more raw is the way to go.  What i might be holding on to is the element of fun, creativity, and a bit of novelty that seems to make the experience worth it.  Fun at the cost of depleted nutritional content and extra energy consumption / increased pollution to precious Mother Nature?  Sounds kinda funky 😉

Fun and novelty…ah the things we do in the name of fun and novelty.  Who says it’s not okay, though?  Sri Swami Satchidananda used to say, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong,” and referring to life in general, “it’s all for fun.”  So the question is, “Are you having fun yet?”  Certainly, whatever ways we shift our behavior and try new ways of being in the world, a lighthearted spirit and carefree attitude sound like a firm foundation.  As it’s been said, “For enlightenment, lighten up!”  Lighten up for enlightenment is all we have to do.  Stop taking things so seriously and enjoy the Golden Present.  It’s all there is anyway 🙂

Are you having fun yet?  You can only give what you have, so if you want to give fun experiences to people, have them yourself 🙂


Well, at the very least, this post benefit this body, and i’m fairly confident in saying it harmed none, although who could ever know.  There’s definitely an environmental cost to having the laptop on and plugged in, so let’s pray that the benefits outweigh the costs, and that Mother Nature is totally cool with this post that talks about Her and Her Abundance 🙂

And…moving beyond this post…what has been gleaned?

–>  For an individual, raw foods are likely the healthiest way of eating.  Raw foods are also the friendliest to Mother Nature.  So why not embrace Raw?  Taste bud preferences, the fun of cooking, seeking to inspire ‘others’ to switch to vegan in a gentle way?  As far as the inspiration goes…i think the best inspiration is always personal example, and the vitality from raw vegan foods being greater than that of vegan foods, the raw vegan example might be just a bit more inspiring.  And as for the taste buds, pshhh that’s child’s stuff.  Sure these bodies have taste buds, but they also have minds that can learn and grow in reason to make better and better decisions, beyond whatever the short-term demands of the taste buds might be.  Thinking long-term, which is the perhaps the more responsible way of thinking, raw makes some good sense!

–>  Instead of looking to help just one or two people specifically, like for me – the parents, connect with how everything you do is potentially helping many.  On a tangible level, preparing food for two people helps them, but beyond that we are all connected in so many ways, and all the actions ripple out to impact the whole.  Remember you are always connected to that whole!  And the more you live in awareness of your connection to the whole, even your oneness with the whole, then the more pure your action will be, and the more you’ll tune into what matters most.  Love, Peace, Joy, God, Goodness, Truth, Beauty, Here and Now 🙂

–>  Have fun, and care too!  Care for the body, the brain, the human family, all forms of life, for Mother Nature, and the entire creation!  No need to limit your caring just to your small physical self or your small nuclear family.  Expand your circles of compassion to include all living beings and the entire universe.  Embrace the connectivity with it all.  Allow your goldfish bowl to expand to include the whole universe, and observe how you grow too.





Praise the Lord 🙂

Look for the angel wings on the next person you pass…you can see them.



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