‘Knowing’ Causes so Much Pain! … “Your Discards Matter”

Reflecting on the previous post, i realize how much anger / frustration / confusion / pain presented itself from being even slightly attached to the possibility of raw food dogma.  Any dogma, no matter how grounded in reason, is still of the dog, and not of the God.  Then again, dogs seem like generally enlightened beings too 🙂

Letting go of the dogma, that’s where the peace is.  Let go of knowing, let go of any sense of you being right and someone else being wrong.  Even, let go of right and wrong behavior.  On some level, everything simply is, and it’s all of the creation, the divine.  So we can embrace the essence behind it all, and then there’s a basic goodness that transcends the polarities of good and bad.  As Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or but but thinking makes it so.”

In some ways, raw foods can be seen as healthier for the body and for the planet, but in infinitely other ways you never know!  Infinite Possibility and Infinite Potential is much more the Reality than is any close-minded human-reasoned dogma.  The Ultimate Truth is beyond small-human-brain conception…which might be why St. John of the Cross has his beautiful poem about knowing without knowing.  To quote a part of the poem because it’s just so beautiful

For he who really finds the way,

Unknowing will forever stay

All human knowledge passed away.

Ahhh.  Bliss.  Praise the Lord we are liberated 🙂  The truth sets us free!

And reconnecting with part of the previous post…it is all for fun!  At least, all for fun seems way closer to the truth than abide by rigid raw food dogma.  Ha!  Sure, food plays a role in our healing, evolution, higher consciousness, growth, and expansion, but by no means is it the be all and end all.  Or maybe it is 😉  To remain open to infinite possibilities and detached from all dogma is the quest!

Ha.  And on this wonderful morning the universe would synchronistically provide a funny bridge (card game) metaphor.  Looking on the piece of paper next to this computer, referring to bridge, it says, “Your discards matter, and forgetting them is a real cost to your game.”  Let us remember what we discard from life!  And remember why.  As we grow, we develop new habits, we explore new ways of being, and we let go of some things to make space for some new things.

What have you discarded?  What would you like to discard?

Some of my favorite discards so far, that have provided for a great sense of peace and freedom…

–>  discarded eating meat, cheese, eggs, and cow milk.  The body is just so much happier this way 🙂

–>  discarded attachment to food dogma, and instead embracing food preferences, mere preferences! So this actually contradicts the 1st ‘discard,’ in that i allow for an openness to the abundant offerings of the present moment.  Just recently this body consumed some dairy, and sure it didn’t feel that wonderful later, but it’s still alive Hallelujah!  No dogmatic demands…just preferences…liberation 🙂

–>  discarded a variety of clothing.  Now i keep a few white t-shirts, a pair of sweat pants, long johns, a few pairs of wool socks, a few pairs of boxers, utility pants, two hoodies, rain gear, a winter hat, and some formal white clothing.  Wow, sweet – i think that’s the first time i’ve ever listed the clothing ‘i own.’  It’s so simple!  And why complicate it?  I rather spend time thinking about other things…like God, Goodness, Enlightenment, Love, Peace, Joy, Service to the Highest Good of All, Oneness, the Kingdom of Heaven Within…than clothing 😉

–> discarded using money.  At least, for the most part.  Basically, i’ll use money to buy gifts for people, probiotics and perhaps a magnesium supplement for this body,…and that’s about it.  i’m also okay with spending someone else’s money to buy them things like groceries, but generally i don’t hold onto any money and give it away or spend it on something useful.  Live for this day!  And this frees ‘me’ from thinking about the endless ways to spend money, the opportunity cost, all the possibilities.   Instead, whenever i receive it, i basically put it to use immediately.  I love being able to trade pieces of paper for  goods with intrinsic value that can actually serve people and increase health and happiness 🙂

–> discarded iPod, laptop, wallet, cell phone, and basically any electronic gizmo.  And now, in moments like these when there are thoughts seeking expression, the universe seems to provide a laptop.  Quite convenient 🙂  Like Thoreau’s motto, “Simplify!”  Less is more, less is more, less is more!

–> discarded many, many books.  Seeking / living Truth mostly through direct experience / meditation / mindfulness these days.  A common problem i used to face was reading an abundance of books and exposing the mind to a superabundance of awesome ideas and not implementing them.  So over the past year or so, i’ve drastically cut back on consuming more ideas and instead have worked to integrate the ideas that i’ve supposedly learned.  I read somewhere that what we don’t need is more books…really we could just use one or two books…even just one really good idea…live that idea fully, all the way, every moment, and in that you’ll know God and Truth and Love and All Goodness 🙂  Really, something so simple yet pure and beautiful as “Perfect Love casts out fear,” is possibly more than enough to last anyone an entire lifetime.  But hey, the mind likes its ideas.

–>  discarded desires to write a book, to earn a million dollars, to get married, to read every major religious text, to meditate with 1000 people, and many more desires…see ya!  Some say desire is a good thing, and helpful in motivating us to action…and i agree!  But on some level, when you desire something, it suggests that you don’t have it already.  And especially the tangible desires, there’s an illusion behind them.  As soon as you can imagine it, it’s already real.  So there’s really no need to manifest it on the physical plane.  Either way, it’s all for fun 🙂  Nowadays, my desires are ‘ideally’ elevated to ‘preferences,’ so that there is less attachment to them…and generally the desires are less tangible in the language of to see God in everyone and everything, to unconditionally love all that is, to enjoy the fullness of each moment, to live a fully dedicated life, to serve the Highest Good of All…oh yes…and i just remembered!  This desire came to me in a flash sometime last night, i thought it was kind of funny…Inspire Yogihood…hehe…whatever that means.  Live in Unity and Oneness with All! 

There’s a list of some of my discards.  Now if i can just discard ‘I, My, Me, and Mine,’ maybe i’ll climb up the latter to enlightenment.  Supposedly, one of the last great discards is to discard to the desire for God, or even the desire for desirelessness…you just gotta let it all go, and let the Love pour through, so abundantly!!!

Well then…what more is there to say than…

Praise the Lord!

Hallelujah 🙂


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