Inspire Yogihood

What the heaven does that mean…inspire yogihood?

Firstly, it has nothing to do with changing external things in the world.  It does have to do with shifting perception, and really only ‘my’ perception, so that the ‘my’ is the ‘One’ is the ‘All.’  There is no separation between the True I and the Whole.  That is why ‘i’ think being a yogi is about on the highest level.

One of the keys to ‘yogihood’ is the shift in identity.  Instead of identifying with the physical mind/body, you identify with the entire creation, the whole, the Intelligence and the Love behind it all, in it all.

Yoga can translate to mean union, or yoke, so ‘being a yogi’ on the human level is about living as one, yoked together with everything else.

Now let’s discern some tangible qualities of a human body ‘living as a yogi.’

Actually, let’s not. 😉

Because, Truth is one paths are many.

Everything in the world, as we know it, could be an illusion.  Even i could be an illusion!  Yo could be an illusion!  Who can really know for certain?

So if you go around in the world ‘looking for yogis,’ you’ll likely see them everywhere, because you attract into your life whatever you focus on.  Yet you’ll also notice the yogi comes in infinite variety of forms, so everyone is already a yogi in their own way.

So what i really wanted to say when i sat down to write this post…

‘Inspiring Yogihood’ is not about ‘other people.’  It’s more about you, being the Intelligence, inspiring the mind/body you’re most directly responsible for to live in a way that is united, universal, yogic.

So that means, as the governing Intelligence, you direct the mind/body to ideas, people, and environments that are conducive to the yogic lifestyle.  You move the mind/body to sit in meditation, to practice conscious breathing, to chant holy names, to study spiritual scriptures, to eat whole, healthy foods close to Nature, to walk and/or stretch the body to ensure it maintains in good physical health, to purify thoughts, and to serve the entire creation moment-to-moment, living a fully dedicated life to the Highest Good of All 🙂

Once one is established in the ethical precepts of yoga, living with compassion towards all forms of life, honoring the Truth, loving the entire creation, etc. then a lot of the tangible practices are no longer necessary.  As i heard Swami Satchidananda say once, something like…”Once the character is perfected you no longer need to sit in meditation.”  Ultimately, meditation is a way of moving in the world, not necessarily sitting still with a physical body.  It’s a way of living detached from the outcome, in a witnessing state, remembering on some level that you are one with all of it, on some level it’s all for fun, on some level we’re all just playing different roles, so play your part well, and enjoy!

And ultimately, how could one person know whether or not another is completely established in all the principles of yoga (much like the Ten Commandments) anyway?  So all an individual can do is practice for oneself, for the benefit of all.  And really, because yoga is about unity and oneness, if it practically boiled down to one simple way of being, it might be, ‘Serve.’  Serve, serve, serve.  Service is what love looks like.  And yes, service can be sitting in meditation, sending love and light to whoever you think of, or just practicing repetition of a mantra.  It can all be service!  It just depends on your perception.  Is it a dedicated act?  Great!  Then you are serving 🙂

So maybe yogihood is about renouncing the small self and orienting to the entire creation as a whole.  Instead of thinking about the needs of the small physical body, you think, “How can i serve? What can i give to this Present Moment?”  Sometimes the answer will be to give the body food or drink or a place to sit an meditate or exercise…who knows!  Certainly, many times caring for the small physical body is a wonderful way to serve the whole.  And it sets a good example!

Then on some level, you can move past service, and realize that there’s nothing to do.  God’s in control.  It’s kind of like saying the prayer, “Thy Will Be Done.”  We don’t really need to pray for God’s Will to Be Done…it already is being done!  Like our prayers could affect whether or not God’s Will is done 😉  But that prayer does help us remind us, recenter us, and reconnect us with God, the Highest Will, and All That Goodness.  So, might as well offer that prayer!

Once you reach the awareness of the Perfection of Creation, notions of serving don’t really make sense. How do you serve something that’s perfect?  So then it more becomes about enjoying and having fun.  And…the great news is…you realize that to one person might look ing ‘serving’ is also the number one way of having fun! The joy in giving and serving is an awesome Reality, one of the greatest paradoxes of Creation that i think is great testimony to the Goodness of God and All Creation.  We experience the most joy when we are giving, when we are serving…what could be better than that?


Love. Serve. Give. Grow. Expand. Evolve!

More Consciousness! More Awareness!

See The Self in All!  Look for the Good in Everyone!

Know that what you see in ‘others’ is a reflection of what you see in yourself.  And ultimately, there is no ‘other.’ It’s all You!

Cheers to freeing ourselves from judgments of things in the world and turning our gaze inward, so we focus on being the change we want to see in the world and choosing love each and every moment.

Enjoy…Hallelujah 🙂



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