What Would Humanity Be Like Without The Heroes?

Just a thought…

Imagine a world where there is none and has been no Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad or Mahavira or Gandhi or any saints and sages and wise ones.  Imagine a world where there is no ultimate ideal for the highest achievement/realization of the human being.

Imagine what kind of implications that would have for your life, right now.  How would you live differently if you never knew of any of these great saints and sages, prophets and seers, divine avatars, fully realized beings?

Maybe we’d then be the ones going on the 40 day fasts in the desert…

Speaking of which…another fun imaginative / meditative exercise…

Imagine…you been in the desert for 40 days with no food, wearing the same rags every day, barely finding water to sip each day, it’s so hot!!!, and you just walk each day, burning up, praying, seeking the Highest Truth and Highest Good, and then after 40 days of searching, you stumble upon a modern day city.  Imagine!!!

“This is so flippin’ abundant!!!”

Perspective is powerful.  Maybe that’s why the Buddhists sometimes intentionally meditate on experiencing intense suffering…then they open their eyes, come out of it, back to Reality, and they’re like “Wow! My life is so good.  But boy, that meditation was full of pain and suffering. Thank goodness i’m back to Reality :-)”


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