By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them…

Poop in Peace.

The poop is the most objective way to measure a beings health.

The healthiest, the holiest, the most easeful and peaceful the poop.

If you’ve ever done a cleanse of sorts, whether a fast or maybe only liquids or just one type of food for a day or two, or even for a meal, you’ve likely experienced the glory of the most relaxed poop of your life.  It’s effortless!  And complete.

And, as Kimberley Snyder has reminded me in some of her awesome books, more than the way we move our bodies, the foods we put into them affect our digestion more than anything else.

You can run 5 miles or do 108 sun salutations but you are not guaranteed a poop.  You probably will though 🙂  What’s more generally more effective though than lots of physical movement, as wonderful as that is for overall health..for exceptional colon and digestive health, the foods matter the most.  High fiber, lots of water, magnesium, load up the vitamins and minerals.

And what’s the deal with meat and almost all dairy products? No fiber! No wonder animal products cause all kinds of digestive problems.  There’s no fiber to help these bodies digest!

And why is pooping so important?

It’s a metaphor for the entire purifying process of life.

Purify body, purify mind, realize the Perfect Health of Soul at all times.

The more we purify the material dimensions of living, the more our spiritual essence shines forth.  So yes, food can affect the quality of our consciousness and connection with the eternal.  Poops affect this too!  Everything’s connected.

What you put into your mouth affects the quality of your relationship with the Whole.  We are what we eat and we are how we eat.  Food is a sacred gift.  If we take it for granted and abuse it, not only will that same abuse be evident in our poops, but it will also evince itself in our relationships with people and the entire creation.

If we slow down and begin to cherish our food, become conscious of the story of our food and the amazing gift that it is, brought to us with the help of the sun and rain and all humanity working harmoniously together to allow food to nourish us…if we connect with the reality that is the divine gift of food then we will eat it more responsibly, and we will choose the more compassionate foods for our bodies, minds, humanity, all forms of life, and the planet!  The key is to slow down…and dare i say it…think.  Think about the gift.  Think about the reality of food.  No reason to take it for granted.  Cherish it instead, and enjoy it with a grateful heart.

Food digests best when we enjoy it, when we are relaxed, and at ease.  If we doubt the quality of our food or its nutritional value, then that doubt will carry through the digestive process.  We cannot hide anything from ourselves or from the universe. All is revealed.  And especially the body knows! The body always knows.  If ‘we’ doubt, the entire body doubts.  If ‘we’ enjoy, the entire body enjoys…and that joy even carries over into a joyful poop!



Poop in Peace.  And yes, i write this because i’ve definitely had some challenging poops the past couple days; testimony that i have been taking food for granted, not making the most healthful choices, and so here i am advising everyone else to not do how i’ve been doing 😉  So easy to say one thing and do another.  Maybe some day the hypocrisy will fade away.

Practice, practice, practice!

Love & Gratitude


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