How do you know you’re doing really good work?

When you forget yourself, that is your small, physical self…that’s when you’re in the zone, and that’s an awesome place to be!

It’s liberating to immerse so fully in rendering service that you forget about the needs of your physical body, and ultimately perhaps what happens is the illusion of needs falls away, and you realize the only need ever is to be here now, to love and serve.  So when you are loving and serving, the illusion of time disappears and there is nothing beyond the moment.  You’re just in the zone!

I remember watching a video on YouTube about Beyonce’s keys to success…something like that.  Maybe it was her personal trainer talking about her work ethic, saying something like, “She works so hard that she forgets to eat and she even forgets to sleep!”  That’s how you know you’ve tapped into a vein of gold: when you forget to eat and sleep.  Because you love what you’re doing so much, and you love the abundant investment you’re making in the future, that you forget about all the short-term nuances like eating and sleeping.

When staffing the Integral Yoga Hatha Level 1 Basic Teacher Training this Fall, there were many meals that i would either skip or eat very lightly.  The service asked of me called me to a higher standard regarding care of the physical body and helped me remember that there are much greater joys to living than simply an abundant meal.  Then again, practicing mindfulness, there really might not be greater joys than a fully conscious meal 😉  Alas, sometimes the work is so fulfilling that fulfillment / reward that sometimes comes via food and sleep no longer appeals, and instead you just want to serve and serve and serve.  So…that’s good 🙂

When was the last time you were so immersed in your work and loving the compelling vision you were creating for the future that you let go of attachments to food and sleep.  When was the last time you let go of the small physical self and elevated your awareness to the wonderful investment in the future, perhaps in eternity?

Investing in Eternity…there’s a good investment!

How can one go about investing in eternity?

For ‘me’…i’d say..

–> Sit in stillness and silence.  Focus on God and Goodness.  Feel It. Enjoy the Divine Simplicity.

–> Practice mindfulness; being fully conscious in the Present Moment, and loving every bit of it, beholding the miracle in the Here and Now; amazed; reverential; awe-inspired.  Or as a friend once said…”I live in the Wow.”

–> Exercise the imagination.  In the mental realm, hold a vision of something or someone who inspires you.  Maybe have a conversation with the Buddha, or with your projected Best Self, 5 years from now.

–>  Walk.  And enjoy it!  Walking is awesome.

–>  Breathe deeply.  You can train yourself to thoroughly enjoy the mere act of breathing, and when you enjoy that, then you’ve realized a source of enjoyment that is with you every moment, from here to the passing of the physical body!

–>  Develop a more loving, grateful, appreciative, open, warm, welcoming, abundant relationship with the Present Moment.  What’s your relationship like with the Present Moment?  It’s the ultimate relationship to invest in…perhaps because it is a relationship with the Ultimate 🙂

–>  Practice seeing the good in everyone and everything, even seeing the Divine in All.

–>  Express gratitude.  For anything and everything!  Build those neuroplastic grooves in the brain of gratitude, and allow your expressions of gratitude to generate wonderful feelings, just like when you breath!

–>  Smile and laugh.  We want to enjoy eternity, right?  Have fun!  Play 🙂  Enter the Kingdom by being like a child!

Well then…here’s to worthy investments 🙂  The above are all essentially meditation techniques of one kind of another…training and focusing the mind on something enduring, and focusing it in a way that expands perspective and helps open to possibility.

Cheers to Infinite Possibility!

Love Om Gratitude Om Om

Praise the Lord 🙂



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