“Create and Win!”

Everything has already been said, but no one seems to listen so we need to say it over again.

When i first discovered the sacred reservoir of Yogaville during Yoga Teacher Training, i experienced immense relief.  Prior to arriving at Yogaville, i had been spending lots of time writing and aspiring to compile a book that would inspire, awaken, maybe even enlighten people!  And then, arriving at Yogaville, the burden was lifted.  i discovered an abundance of abundances of wonderful things already written.  So much has been written that uplifts, inspires, awakens, enlightens, if we only let it.  i realized that the world and people don’t really need more books.  No one needs more words to be written.  What is perhaps most beneficial to people are exemplary human beings who live the Highest Truth of the holy teachings.  We might all agree that more valuable than a person who has memorized the Sermon on the Mount is a person who embodies the essence of those powerful teachings.  Anyone can say, “Don’t worry. Look at the birds.  They don’t worry.  Why should we?”  but how many of us can live it?

Like one of my favorite quotes sometimes attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel.  If necessary, use words.”

Nonetheless, the words help!  Maybe reading the written words don’t help the almost-so-close-just-nearly-Enlightened, but reading the words can help those a bit further away from the top of the mountain.  If you’re very close to the top of the mountain, or if you’re already there, why would you be reading in the first place?  Then again, people like the Dalai Lama suggest the purpose of life is happiness, so if reading brings you happiness, then i guess you’re doing it 🙂

The message i received this morning from the sticker on the banana: “Create and win.”

Sure, nothing more needs to be said, but alas! If i’m seeking any worldly gain, then i better create something!  And i don’t know if i am seeking worldly gain…

Interestingly enough, the banana sticker wisdom appeared shortly after i felt very inspired to return to school and study more the world’s religions.

On the one hand, there is the studying, on the other is the creating.  And at least for today, especially considering the abundance of studying i did over the weekend, creating seems like a good choice.  To balance the production and our production capability, as Stephen Covey liked to say, that’s the key!  Like Warren Buffet said, the best investment is education.  But what good is an education if we never share the abundance?


Sharing is caring. And how sweet is a world where people care.

Hard to know what to create for now…

i will share though…

with the idea of going back to school to study the world’s religions, i figure that’s a good example to set.  Then again, i think the ultimate truth of religion is realized beyond any material study, and is something realized via personal experience, so what’s the good in studying?

Yet there is a humility that comes with studying.  Studying is like continuously reminding yourself, “I don’t know, so i’m going to study!”  It continuously knocks you down a peg from the Omniscient One 🙂

From another perspective, studying religion is always a safe bet.  Not that i really believe in the type of God i’m about to describe, but bear with me – Imagine God comes and it’s that wonderful judgment day we’ve all been waiting for.  If God finds you studying religion, i think you’ll be safe.  God looks at you and says, “Oh hey! There’s my boy, seeking to understand Me.  What a wonderful effort 🙂  Although really he might do better reading the dictionary…”  God certainly appreciates efforts to understand Ultimate Reality and Truth.  And, studying religion can allow for a peaceful conscience too…except when perhaps you come across the passages that suggest religion is much more practice than study, and then you wonder why your head is buried in the books…

As i heard at the ashram, “An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory.” 

Alas, Balance!

And in the meantime, Happiness! 🙂


Praise the Lord.



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