Letting God, Love, Goodness – The Very Best! – into your Life

Today marks day 2 of one of my favorite kind of 30 day challenges, the kind that includes a watch reminding me every so often to connect with what matters most to me.  Previously, i’ve done the trial where the watch would beep 7 minutes throughout the day, not including meditation or sleep (deep, deep meditation) time.

This time around, for the month of December, the amazing Timex Expedition T49851 is set to buzz every 5 minutes.  That’s right – every 5 minutes!  And, thankfully, the watch only vibrates instead of letting out a beep for everyone to witness.  As wonderful as the beeping is to get the whole present moment community involved in the joyous activity, the vibration alarm seems more tolerable and respectful of those around.  The vibration alarm also allows me to practice in secret…which is nice.

It’s actually been about a whole year since i did the every-7-minute trial, which turned out fantastic.  I remember at one point during that 30 day challenge, i excitedly shared with my mom, “I’m getting so close!”  She said, “So close to what?”  My response…”So close to God!”  So just imagine, now it’s every 5 minutes…maybe i’ll get even closer this time around!  Or realize that i’ve been united the whole time…:-)

Strange to think i’ve waited a whole year to embrace another challenge with this totally abundant watch.  Alas – just a quick explanation – while at Satchidananda Ashram / Yogaville, i turned the beeping function of the watch on, and inspired someone to purchase the exact same watch.  Then, when leaving the ashram, he said he wanted a way of remembering me, so he suggested that we trade watches.  The same watch – just different.  Same same, but different.  Anyway, we traded watched so now i have ‘his.’  Little did i know, he set his watch to use vibration alarms instead of the standard beeping alarm.  When i first found this out, i rejoiced in ecstasy for a few moments.  I knew the watch had a vibrational alarm feature, i just never figured out how to set it to that mode.  So – thank you Ray! – for programming this watch to vibrate, and now it can silently remind me every 5 minutes with the subtlest of vibrations on the left wrist.  Hallelujah!

Now!  Every 5 minutes…what do we want to think about?  How do we want to feel?  What matters most?

As the 30 day challenge progresses, i realize that it doesn’t make sense to be too dogmatic / attached to any particular ritual for every time the watch vibrates.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and throughout the day i notice the Rome i’m in changes.  Some moments i’m alone and have an abundance of opportunity to take many deep breathes and connect.  Other moments when it vibrates i’m in conversation or ‘in a rush,’ or..like just now…typing on a computer…so how do i respond to the vibration then?  Essentially, i guess the idea that is every time it beeps, in some way, whatever way is most appropriate for the present moment, ‘Honor God.’

You can call God Truth, Reality, the Universe, Creation, Life.  So generally this form of honoring starts with an expression of gratitude, either aloud or silently.  Sometimes, if in a conversation, i’ll just look up and smile as a gesture to honor the Highest Truth of Reality, or i’ll just take a deep breath.  If i’m around people, sometimes i’ll remember to see the angel wings on everyone and reconnect with the Divine Nature of Reality.  By myself, i’ll sometimes remind myself of the Buddha’s words, “Meditate on what you want to become,” and then i’ll begin meditating, breathing in and out with something along the lines of…”Om Consciousness.  Om Awareness. Om God.  Om Goodness. Om Light.  Om Love.  Om Peace.  Om Joy.  Om Enlightenment.  Om Heaven.  Om True Self.  Om Desireless. Om Perfection. Om Oneness. Om Truth. Om Freedom.”    I also like to incorporate, smile, laughing, dancing, and even a “Hallelujah!”  Generally, every time the watch vibrates, the ritual begins with an expression of gratitude, which is essentially an awesome, genuine feeling of being grateful for this abundance!!!  Ah, the wonderful gift of Here and Now 🙂  And then i like to think “I dedicate this all to the Most High, to the Highest Good of Everyone and Everything, intending to raise consciousness and awareness and become more conscious and aware, in all that i do, serving the Highest Good of All.”  The ritual closes with a conscious breath, in and out to, “So-hum,” which means something like, “I am That.”   Apparently, so-hum is also the natural sound of the breath.  If you listen, on the inhale you can hear so, and on the exhale you can hear hum.  So, closing the ritual with breathing in and out to so-hum is a way of honoring Reality and tuning into the Truth of the Here and Now.

At some point during the ritual, i also like to repeat mentally and feel the essence of “Namaste,” acknowledging and bowing to the Divinity that is in everyone and everything.

What would you like to be reminded of every 5 minutes?

If your answer is, “Nothing!!! Heaven help me if i have to be reminded of anything every 5 minutes,” perhaps it’s a good opportunity to get to know yourself a little bit and answer the question, “What do i want most in life?”  The answer to your question is definitely a good place to start!

And, as the Dalai Lama says that the purpose of life is happiness, i think it’s safe to say that you, whoever you are, want happiness 🙂  Perhaps happiness to me looks way different than happiness to you, but ultimately that happy experience is probably very similar.  Generally speaking, it feels good.  It feels awesome.  Happiness feels awesome!  So you, me, that other guy over there, we all want to feel awesome.  Nothing wrong with that 🙂

Om Happiness. Om Feeling Awesome Om.

Om  We shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set us Free!

Hallelujah so grateful!!!

Oh yea, expressing gratitude is a good way to feel awesome.

Anyway, silly logic.

Om Beyond Logic Om



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