To Enjoy People, Orient Externally. Love. Gratitude. Water. Om. Reality

Recently i’ve spent a lot of time with mantras, specifically sanskrit mantras which i don’t necessarily understand the english translation.  So, over and over again, i mentally repeat a sanskrit phrase that i understand as powerful and holy, but other than that i don’t know too much.  The idea of the mantra is kind of like giving the mind a toy to play with, and the more you repeat the mantra, the more the mind enjoys the toy.

One mantra i use a lot when walking is Om.  With every step, i mentally repeat Om.  I also used to do this a lot with the word Peace.  Not that Om is better than Peace..just that i wanted to give Om a shot 😉

Today, shopping for an abundance of kale and other fresh vegetables and fruits to blend together to create a glowing green concoction of goodness, i noticed how repetition of the Om mantra strongly turned my gaze inward.  Generally, i’m all about the inward gaze, but in the grocery store, it felt a bit strange.  Instead of appreciating the life flourishing all around me, people passing this way and that, i felt almost separate from them.

I decided to mentally shift away from Om and towards sending the thoughts “I love you and I’m grateful for you,” to whoever i saw.  In a grocery store blossoming with an abundance of people, this means sending out of lots of love and gratitude, which in turns means feeling really, really, good 🙂

As i began sending out the love and gratitude to everyone, it became very easy to look at people in the eyes with a genuine smile on the face.  And this felt awesome!  I also began to appreciate people’s unique qualities, which was also very enjoyable.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When you are by yourself and meditating, why not use a sanskrit mantra?  And when you’re with people and flourishing life all around you, why not tune the mind to a phrase that helps foster an attitude of appreciation, acceptance, and approval of your environment?   When you’re in the world, live in the world!

Sometimes i prefer the point’s of focus for the mind that are tangibly understood by the use of reason, like “I love you and am grateful for you.”  The mind knows what to do with love and gratitude.  “Oh, you mean you want me to move this body to smile at this person who it’s sending love and gratitude to?  Sure, I can do that!”  Whereas, if you tell the mind, “OM,” it starts to consider notions of the infinite and that which is way beyond yet totally of the world and everything, and so it gets a bit incomprehensible and isn’t necessarily how you want the mind to be functioning as it attempts to steer a body through a grocery store.

Alas, the message for the day…WATER!

and…Infinite Flexibility.  Adapt, adjust, accommodate.  No need to rigidly attach to anything.  If you really want to attach to something, maybe you can attach to non-attachment.  Attach to impermanence, and embrace that everything passes away!  Well, everything except maybe One Thing 🙂

Why is WATER also the message of the day?

This morning, a big blue book caught my eye from a distance, and the only words i could read on the cover read, “WATER.”

Sure enough, later in the day, while googling fermenting cabbage i somehow came across a webinar on the importance of drinking clean water.  I didn’t watch the whole thing, but one idea stood out to me: We are water.  The human body is a body of water.  Possibly, every cell is made up of 99.9% water, what the other .1% i guess is that pure magical stuff. Or maybe the .1% is that evil stuff and the 99.9% is the Divine Goodness 🙂

Considering the human body as a body of water…even as pure water…and complimenting that with Dr. Emoto’s studies on water which show how water can understand and carry messages with it, this means that the body is always carrying a message and tunes to that frequency.  An example…if you label a glass of water with Love and Gratitude, the water molecules will gradual form a unique structure aligned with the energy signature of Love and Gratitude, and the same goes for any other words or images you might send to water.  And you can extend this to include any and all bodies of water, including human bodies of water.

So, next time you walk by another human body of water, or even if you want to just look at your own personal human body of water, you can send it thoughts of Love and Gratitude, or even literally say to it, “I love you and I am grateful for you,” and this act will begin to positively effect the body of water.  Like any law of the universe…this is basically in effect all the time!  That means every thought…bam!  You’re influencing your own body of water, and possibly many others.  Ripple effect!

Essentially, thoughts of love and gratitude are always a good choice.

Last night, going to sleep, i was thinking about God, and Reality, and i remember thinking, “Reality might become the new god.”  Thinking, some people struggle to identify or embrace any image of god, the idea of god, or the word god.  But then, if not everyone can embrace the word god and it makes some people uncomfortable…what is a word that everyone can embrace?  Even truth unnerves some people, because then people start thinking people are being dogmatic with their truth verses other truths and subjective truths come into play and this and that and the other.  So god doesn’t unite us…truth might even divide us…what brings us together?


Last night, i found myself expressing gratitude.  I said something like,

“Reality, for whatever the fuck you are!, i am so grateful for you!  And i love you!  You are awesome!!!

i also somewhat discovered the power of foreign words, like ‘cuss’ words, to generate powerful emotions and to adventure at explaining the unexplainable.  I used to reprimand myself for using cuss words, because i thought the mind could do better at using language to more adequately describe something.  Last night, though, it came to me that if there is ever a time to use cuss words for lack of better words, it’s got to be when considering the Ultimate!

Ahhh, nothing like a prayer totally embracing that you don’t know a damn thing, but you love it all anyway!  Very liberating 🙂

One more idea from a walk last night…

I am ideal.”  “You are ideal.”

On the human body/mind level, how easy is it for us to think that something has to change about this body or this mind in order for it to be good enough or perfect?  “Oh, if only i lost a little more weight, and read a few more books, knew a couple more good jokes and entertaining stories and travelled to 3 more continents, then it’d all be golden. Until then, obviously i’m far from ideal.”  For example, i’m pretty sure the parents have been telling me that they’ve been trying to lose weight for at least the last 5 years.  But their weight is basically constant.  So what’s the deal?

Sometimes i think we are afraid of what will happen if we do actually realize our ideals.  If we finally weigh our target weight, then what?  Or if we complete our reading list, who knows?  What if we do meet our ideal partner and save the amount of money we want to save?  Heaven help us all then!

On some level, i think it’s very healthy and realistic to embrace, “I am ideal.  Just the way i am – perfect.  Divinely created.  I am divine dust and to divine dust i shall return :-)”    No reason to be hard on ‘ourselves.’  Besides, identifying with the human mind/body is pretty fallacious anyway, which is why the truth of “I am ideal” resonates on a much deeper level. When you connect with the reality that you are ideal, you realize that who you are is much more than a physical body and mind.  And also, on the physical level, you’ll also realize that any initially perceived flaw is perfect in its imperfection 🙂

Enjoy all the flaws.  Love the imperfections!  Seen from the higher perspective, looked at as a whole, inevitably – there is only the Reality.  Love and Gratitude for whatever this bleeeeeep this is 😉



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