How to Cultivate Wholesome Desires

Hehe. This is totally not a how-to.  At least not to start.  Maybe we’ll get there…

For now, let’s cultivate some wholesome desires!

Or at least, consider what are wholesome desires.

According to some Buddhist philosophy, unwholesome desires are the source of all suffering.  The first noble truth of Buddhism is sometimes translated as, “Life is suffering.”  Truth two: “Unwholesome desire is the source of suffering.”  Truth three, “There is a way beyond suffering.”  Truth four: “The 8-fold path is the way.”

Soo perhaps the Buddha offers the 8-fold path as the method by which to cultivate wholesome desires, or at least as the antidote for curing unwholesome desires.

Maybe…let’s start by addressing some of our unwholesome desires.

To identify unwholesome desires, think of any desire that harms someone.  Eek – what a lousy thought!  Ha.  Nevermind.  Let’s not use our precious thought energy thinking about that.

Phase shift!

Think of wholesome desires – desires – things that you want – that benefit at least one person and harm no one.

For me, i think of the desires to practice meditation, hatha yoga, exercise, walk, juggle, study, clean ‘my’ room!!!, write this blog post, be more grateful, be more conscious of every breath, see the good in everyone, eat healthy foods, eat mindfully, walk mindfully, laugh regularly, tune into the Divine Comedy, tune into God!, know the Truth, See the Self in All, Live in Oneness…

…okay.  Started to go off on a bit of tangent there 😉

Part of the challenge i face is cultivating wholesome desires that are tangible.  Tangible, wholesome, desires are great because then the mind can better understand them and go to work to manifest them in Reality.

Let’s try again…some tangible wholesome desires of mine include…

–> Financial abundance!  Enough to pay for Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training, Laughter Yoga Training, and to provide for an abundance of healthy, organic, raw food, grown with love and the goodness of the sun 🙂  Also, for clean water!

–> An abundance of enlightening study material!  Thankfully, i know this is easily manifest in the realm of Yogaville 🙂

–>  Organization of my material belongings, and being able to carry everything that i own.  This is quite tangible and easy for the mind to go to work on…now if i can just get this body up and moving in the room!

–>  More laughter and hugs and smiles and appreciation for beauty all around!  Great.  Thank goodness for this beeping watch.

–> To compose a useful, inspiring piece of literature that helps an abundance people, that is…if people who need help are real and exist whether or not i think about them…but let’s just say…if people in need of help only exist when i think about them, i guess that it’s okay if this book doesn’t help anyone in need 😉

–> to memorize 500+ stories / poems / quotations / fables / anecdotes that inspire and uplift.  Let’s get started with some zen koans and Anthony de Mello wisdom!

–>  To earn certifications to teach Laughter Yoga and Intermediate Hatha Yoga.

On a side note…just realized that i used to have a strong desire to speak to large groups of people and share an abundance of stories and enlightening tales with them.  Somehow, that desire doesn’t seem to be so present.  I wonder why…part of me thinks that the confidence level might be lower now than it was before…while another part thinks that my current belief system doesn’t necessarily jive with communicating to large audiences…and maybe i’m just making excuses like “that’s so egoic of you,” ha!  I suppose if the message is good, why not share it with an abundance of people?

Alas, that’s an abundance of desires, and seems to provide some pretty clear direction for this moment and the next one, and the next one!

Guess i’ll be cleaning the room tonight, or memorizing some stories, or procrastinating on both of those wholesome desires and go ‘get vain’ in the gym.  Ha, just kidding, only partially.  Another desire i didn’t mention is to sit in full lotus for 1 hour, which means i might also be in the steam room tonight…nothing like steam to open up the body and increase flexibility!

Meanwhile…any unwholesome desire that can be kiboshed?

–>  I guess i think of women, sex, and accumulating an excessive amount of material things.  So…

Not that there is anything wrong with women, sex, or material stuff.  The goodness is in the subtlety.  When does the abundance tip into excess?  Stop acquiring / accumulating / obsessing before abundance tips into excess and you’re golden!

We all have every right to live in abundance, to enjoy abundance, and to share abundance!

Excess is ehhhh…not enjoyable!  So long as our desires remain in the realm of abundance for all we’re pure gold.

Gold dust, that is.

We are gold dust, and to gold dust we shall return 🙂

For now, let’s enjoy the abundance!!!

Wholesome desire.  Cultivate ’em!






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