How to Feel More Energized and Generally Better :-)

Yes…i’m writing this because this is something i ‘need’ ūüėČ

Father Eagle wakes up almost every morning at 6 AM and exercises, eats breakfast, then goes to ‘help people,’ that’s how he refers to his work.

His example is inspiring, and it’s clear that he is tuned in to some truth that energizes him in a more powerful way than something like a perfect diet and exercise plan could do.

Food matters and certainly affects the quality of our being, but what really gives us the extra boost of energy and vitality is when we are tuned into a higher purpose, tuned into serving something greater than just our small, physical self (although that in itself can certainly be conceived of as a divine purpose :-)).

What is your higher purpose? What are some of your favorite ways of helping people?  How do you love to serve?

When we achieve crystal clarity on how we are servants to the Highest Good of All, on how we are giving our best to all humanity, then all the energy we seek comes effortlessly.

If you build it, they will come.”

Build a clear purpose, vision, and goals and vigorous energy is automatic. ¬†With such clear goals you might even be more motivated to find new ways to enhance your energy levels and turn to living a more wholesome and healthy lifestyle, but as mentioned previous…perhaps the greatest boost of energy comes with clarity on how you are an instrument in the hands of the God, as a servant to all humanity.

Similarly, apparently the question that very few human beings can concisely answer is,

What do you want most in life?

Desires, when shaped in the light of serving humanity and the highest good of all creation, are wonderful!  Even desires to benefit the smaller self are good too, because as you benefit the small self, you benefit the Higher Self.

Wholesome desires are key – like a pure purpose – what do you desire for yourself that you also desire for everyone and everything? ¬†That’s a good way to determine the quality of your desire.

Recently, with this watch vibrating every 5 minutes, the desires i return to are unconditional love for everyone and everything, enlightenment, to become more conscious and aware, to know the Truth, and of course…serve the Highest Good of All ūüôā

For better or for worse, the desires listed above are not all that specific…which is why sometimes i remind myself of the language of the Bhagavad Gita and one of Gandhi’s favorite passages from it, “They live in wisdom who see themselves in all and in all in them, whose love for the Lord of Love has tamed every selfish and sense craving tormenting the heart. ¬†Not agitated by grief or hankering after pleasure, they live fee from lust and fear and anger. ¬†Fettered no more selfish attachments, they are neither elated by good fortune nor depressed by bad. ¬†Such are the seers.” ¬†Wouldn’t it be nice to be a seer? ūüėČ

Alas, clarity helps. ¬†Knowing what you want helps. ¬†Especially, in the morning, if your desire is clear enough that provides specific reasons for waking up at a certain time and taking specific action immediately, you’re golden. ¬†Like…if you want to wake up at 6 AM every morning so you can exercise and stretch for 40 minutes before breakfast and heading into go help people – that can get you moving. ¬†A lot of it depends on your priorities.

What are your priorities?

Love and Gratitude!



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