Day 4 of 5 Minute Watch Reminder Experiment: Lost Watch!

That’s right…the watch is gone.

Although, i have a good feeling that if i inquire at the Lost & Found, it will be peacefully waiting for me.

The thing is…i don’t know if i want it back.

After all, time is an illusion.

It is always Now, and we are always Here.

And, to depend spiritual growth upon a watch…how silly!

At birth, we are given responsibility over the greatest technology on the planet: the human mind/body.  That surely is all the technology we could ever need to know the Truth and realize God and Absolute Freedom 🙂

We have it all given to us at birth.  The best things in life are free!  So who really needs a watch?

Sure, it can be useful.  And being useful is good.

i guess, what strikes me most, is how i attached i became the watch.  After all, every 5 minutes, it reminded me of its presence.  And also, when it was really doing it’s job well, it reminded me of God’s Presence.

Another question…

Why confine worship and awareness of the Divine to every 5 minutes?  Why not every minute?  Why not every second?!?

And i think that’s the journey we are all on.  More and more, to be more aware of that which is the Absolute Best.

A lifetime journey that begins over and over again in the Here and Now 🙂

No watches required for Higher Consciousness!

Also, just a quick story about losing the watch…

i was ‘in a rush.’  Trying to be sure to be home by 8 o’clock like i told people i would be, while at the same time wanting to enjoy an abundant steam and shower and stand on my head for many minutes…trying to fit so much into a small period of time.  And i was fairly attached to the 8 o’clock deadline, because i thought that was honoring my word.  i forgot about the illusion of time and the infinite flexibility that the present moment allows, and i began to totally dishonor the Here and Now and instead ‘rush’ through all the motions and movements.  Along the way, i was curt with a new friend and now maybe he’s no longer a friend!  This new friend was also asking me about one of my favorite topics ever…Water and Love and Gratitude!  Thanks to a water bottle i carried that is labeled with “OM Guru OM,” “Shanti Shanti Shanti,” “Hallelujah! Praise God,” and “Love and Gratitude,” he asked about it, first by saying, “Is that Yoga?”  Who knows what he meant by that…probably some kind of divine intuition.  And on some level, he was probably superconsciously calling out my ‘rushed state of being,’ suggesting that the way i was living in that moment was anything but yogic.  Living yoga is living united, whole, complete, one, and i was living separated with a strong sense of egoic identity.

Thank goodness for unconditional forgiveness!

As i rediscovered yesterday…according to the Bible…even if we crucify someone…we’re forgiven!  “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

We are all operating from ignorance, and given the very little that we know (in comparison to the Omniscient One), we are simply doing the best we can.  So why not forgive?  And really, there is nothing to forgive, because we are all doing the best we can!

So next time you see someone doing something ‘wrong,’ or maybe even if you catch yourself doing something ‘wrong,’ you can think, “Unconditional Forgiveness,” and “Oh, they’re just doing their very best given what they know to be true, Just like me!”

Just like me.  Just like me.

Who needs a watch?

The time is NOW! 🙂

Love, Gratitude


Do Good.  Be Good. Love All. Serve All.


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