Abide in the Truth

In any given moment,

the only thing for anyone to do,



in the Truth!!!

Seek the Truth.  Know the Truth.  Live the Truth.

Serve in the Light of Truth.

Abide in the Truth.

Truth.  You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!

Abide in the Truth of Freedom!

In any given moment, you can affirm over and over again, “I am free!”

You are free 🙂

The truth isn’t much.  I mean, it’s everything, but…you know.  It’s not a lot to handle.  It’s just Reality!  And you are Reality too, so you’re really just being yourself when you abide in the Truth 🙂

Consider the zen story.  A student arrives at a zen monastery to ask a Master what to do. “Have you eaten breakfast?” asks the Master. “Yes,” replies the student.  “Well then, if you have eaten breakfast, wash your bowl.”

Wash your bowl.

That’s Reality.  That’s Truth.

You ate breakfast?  Great!  Wash your bowl.

Abide in the Truth.

Simple 🙂

Wash your bowl.


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