How to Realize Peace of Mind and Peace with Death

Key word…Realize.  The Peace you seek is already there…it’s just a matter of becoming aware of it.  Look with real eyes and you will see.  Living in Reality is forever peaceful.  Living with illusion, on the other hand, that can be quite a pain.

One thing that helps for peace of mind…give up everything that doesn’t matter in the context of eternity.  Essentially, give away all of your material possessions.  This will bring you peace.  Stop with all your damn hoarding 😉  What…you think you can take it with you?  Give it away!  Be free from all that stuff!

–>  Note: each little bit you give away reveals more Peace.  Please though, don’t take my word for any of this! Try it yourself and you will see.  Just start giving and realize more and more peace.  As Gandhi said, “Joy in life comes from living for the welfare of all.”  Give to all!

Decide to love everyone!  Look at everyone you see and think, “I love you and I am grateful for you.”  Start with this.  Fake it.  Fake it. Fake it.  Make it!

Fake it until you make it. Believe me, you will make it.  But hey – don’t take my word for it!  Try it for yourself and you will discover the abundance.

Stop desiring anything material.  Material things are fleeting. They come and pass away.  Just like the physical body, it will return to dust!  Desiring the eternal things brings much greater peace, perhaps because the desires for eternal things can be fulfilled instantaneously!  And then desires cease.  Ask and you shall receive is spontaneous when asking for the eternal.  Ask for Love and boom!  Love.  You got it 🙂  And realize that’s more than enough.

One thought of Peace brings Peace.  What a gift!

The best things in life are free.

Hold nothing back.  Hide nothing.  Share everything!

Are there words you wish to say that you think are important to share?  Share now!  Why wait?

Is there something you want to give to someone?  Give it now!  Why wait?

Prioritize your Peace of Mind above all else.  This assuredly returns Peace 🙂

With Peace of Mind, everything that comes from you brings Peace, generates Peace, realizes Peace.

Peace starts with you.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

To realize peace with death…

– the body dies.  Get over it.  🙂

–  Think about death often.  Meditate on it.  This reduces fear.  Why fear the inevitable?  A practice in futility!  Ha, silly.

–  And yes, maybe death is inevitable, death of the human body certainly, but perhaps death of ‘yourself’ is an illusion.  Apparently, the one question you ever need to ask is, “Who am I?” and once you receive the answer to that question, everything else fades.  Know who you are.  Know Thyself!  There’s nothing to fear.  Only Love.

– Send thoughts, prayers, and feelings of goodness to everyone, all the time. Pray unceasingly!  Give thanks in all circumstances!  Purify your thoughts.

–>  Basically, turn off the illusion.  Switch off the television, radio.  Close the newspaper.  Open up to the Reality of Here and Now.  This is Real.  Love This!

–  Give your best.  Do what you love.  Give away all your stuff, and even ‘close’ all of your relationships, just so you can follow your heart and your Highest Calling.  Individuals relationships don’t matter so much.  The relationship that matters is the one you have with the Truth, with God, with the Present Moment 🙂  Love the Present Moment and all good ‘individual’ relationships will follow.  Realize abundance!  You are unconditionally provided for.  Fear not lack!  Realize abundance!  Abundance of Light, Love, Peace, and Joy – an abundance of water, food, friends, family – yes!  The humanity is your family, creation is your home…there is an abundance!!!  Expand!  Expand!  Expand!  You are way bigger!  Vast.  No limits.  Limitless!

—  Live today like it’s your last day.  It might be!  Tell strangers you love them.  Why not?  From the cosmic perspective, whatever your small self physical body does is of relatively little significance (maybe?), so why not play abundantly and love abundantly?  Love and play!  You can dance if you want to.  Smile at people!  Hug trees!  Laugh for no reason!  Live! Live!  Live!

—  Center your life on values.  Values are eternal.  Live with the eternal as your guide.  This brings Peace.  For example, a value like love.  Before any activity, you can ask, “Does this align with living?” or “Is this a loving act?”  If it is, do it!  If not, don’t.  Easy.  Surrender to the virtue of value-oriented living 🙂  Purify your life!  Peace, Purity, Power.  Ah, Bliss!

Love. Gratitude. Build the house on Rock!

Hallelujah 🙂

What miracles do you want to have happen in your life?

Believe and achieve!


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