Keys to Success? Choose the Price!

The supposed keys to success…

1.  Know what you want.

2.  Know how to get there.

3.  Pay the Price.

That, at least is what i heard in church the other day.  And, supposedly, about 30% of people don’t know what they want.  Another 60% don’t know how to get there.  10% of people know how to get to where they want, but only 2% are willing to pay the price.

What’s this mean?

People want things that they’re not willing to pay for.

Maybe a person wants a 6-pack but doesn’t want to give up drinking his 6-packs 😉

Or a person wants an education but doesn’t want to give up cultural indoctrination (television / the escape box).

Maybe someone wants a sports car but also gambling.  Oh well.


Can the person have 6-pack abs and still drink 6-packs?  Sure!

And sure! You can watch TV and get educated too.  And gamble and buy a sports car, why not?

So these limitations are illusions. Really, infinite possibility is before us.

However – caveat – it might be faster to give up drinking the beers to get the 6-pack abs.

Alas, once you get the 6-packs, what will you want?

At the very least, and maybe if you’re darn fortunate, your desire will jump to the vagueness of ‘happiness.’  You want happiness!

And then, maybe that’s when you decide to stop drinking the alcohol.  Who knows.

Following the 3 step formula: knowing what you want, knowing how to get there, and paying the price, seems a bit futile on some level.

Truth is One, Paths are Many.  There are many paths to get to know where you want to go.  Similarly, there are many different prices to pay.

And ultimately, isn’t what we care about more than anything else is the price we must pay?

It’s been said, Success is in the journey, not the destination.

What we really what is not what we really want.  Yes, that’s right.

What we really want is to always be paying a good price.

No one wants to pay a painful price, a suffering price.

People want to pay a price with love, with peace, with joy.

Hence, Gandhi: “Do it with joy or not at all.”

If the price you must pay is anything less than joy, forget it!

So…i guess that’s it for me.  The way i live is by choosing the price i’m willing to pay.

I’m willing to pay the price of vegan foods, juggling, meditation, hatha yoga, walking, sleeping on floors, telling stories, listening deeply, spiritual study, chanting, laughing, conscious breathing, and mindfulness practice.  I also pay the price of writing, like this – entering the flow state 🙂

Recently, i’ve also been paying the price of wearing a watch that buzzes every 5 minutes, reminding me.  Sending love and gratitude to all, breathing consciously, smiling, maybe laughing and dancing, every 5 minutes!  It’s fun.

This is the price i’ve chosen to pay.  Conscious decision is liberating.  Now, comes my way is what comes my way.  Not really consciously seeking anything other than paying the daily price 🙂

Ah yes, and of course a wonderful price to pay is humble service: complete willingness to cook, clean, whatever.  Scrubbing toilets is beneath no one!  And it’s liberating.  You can, after all, do anything with joy in the heart.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within!

“All you will ever need for fulfillment in life is awareness.”

The Mind is Magnificent.  Train It.

Happiness is a skill.  Practice.

Love. Gratitude. Hallelujah 🙂

Pay the price you love to pay.

That is, choose the price!

Whatever comes is perfect for you!


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