Skills Worth Developing; An Antidote to Boredom/Television

Life is fun!

And there’s a lot to do on this planet.  A lot to learn about, a lot to discover.  There is an abundance of fun to be had.

If you think watching television is fun…just wait until you discover how much fun you can have as you become a more conscious human being, developing skills that improve the quality of your own life as well as enhance the quality of experience of everyone around you!

Imagine having a totally abundant sense of humor that serves to both educate people and generate beautiful laughter.  Isn’t that what’s life all about?

Warren Buffet Guru say, “The best investment is education.”

Dr. Amrita Yogi say, “Educate Yourself!”

Nothing like embracing our incredible ability to learn and study and develop new skills and abilities.  Adopting the perspective of lifelong learning is a valuable attitude to carry with you in all experiences.  Truly, in every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater growth.

So then, what are some awesome lifelong investments?

Keep in mind, these types of investments generally involve a balance of study and practice.  Studying / ‘knowing about something’ is relatively useless if it doesn’t enhance behavior and experience.  Study and practice.

– Feeling Good.  Yes, this is a skill.  You can google how to feel good, how to experience happiness, etc.  There are books written on this.  And imagine, you can develop this ability!!!

– Relaxing.  Similarly to feeling good, being able to relax is an awesome skill.  Yoga Nidra is one path of relaxation in which the body and mind feel incredibly relaxed.  Study and practice 🙂

– Preparing Healthy Foods!  This involves studying foods, health, and surrendering personal will to the wisdom of the recipe.  Follow the recipe!  No need to re-invent the wheel 😉  Although, i suppose once you realize veteran status, then more exploration and curious experimentation is encouraged.  As long as you experience having a human body, this skill will always serve you well.   The preparation may involve cooking or not, depending on if you venture down the road of raw foods, a healthy way to go!

– Mindfulness. Whoa. Awareness. Mindfully experiencing anything, whether a tangerine, a walk, a sip of water, a breathe of air, the sound of a pin dropping…any and all of these experiences are gateways to bliss with the tool of mindfulness. Yes, if you’re looking for bliss, mindfulness can show you the way 🙂  Please though, don’t take my word for it!  Experience for yourself.  It is full of joy!

–>  Mindfulness is a super skills that can turn any single activity into an awesome experience, perhaps because it’s super aligned with Truth, Reality, The Present Moment, and All That Jazz 🙂  Really, with this skill in your pocket, there is nothing else.  Mindfulness expand each moment to the level of glory!

– Prayer:  You can think of this as a connection with Reality and the Present Moment. A prayerful state of mind / attitude is like having a wonderful relationship with your Present Moment.  Prayer is an ability that is always with you, so the better you get at it, the better your experience becomes, moment-to-moment.  Prayer, like meditation, elevates the mind and enhances your entire awareness.  It is also a way of generating really good feelings 🙂 Nothing like prayers of gratitude, appreciation, and thanksgiving!

– Sitting in Stillness and Silence, Breathing: worst comes to worst, you can always do this 😉  That is, if you’ve developed the skill. This super-humbling skill is awesomely powerful.  Experience Peace doing this and you know at any moment you can surrender what you’re doing and go to your Kingdom Within.  Get to know your True Self with this wonderful skill 🙂

– Laughter. Ha!  Who doesn’t like to laugh?  This goes along with studying humor and / or tuning into the Cosmic Joke / Divine Comedy.  Many paths to humor ;-).  Your ability to laugh is with you always.  Sometimes, though, the mind / consciousness / awareness gets caught up in random thoughts that aren’t productive or enjoyable.  Laughter is wonderful to practice, especially laughing for no reason at all, other than to laugh.  It’s fun either way!  And liberating.  So liberating!  Through Laughter Yoga i’ve experienced some of my greatest ‘enlightening’ moments.  It’s like…bliss!!!  And as you continue to laugh, like practicing mindfulness, you realize it’s always with you, and there is something that’s funny every moment.  The universe has a superabundant sense of humor 🙂

– Storytelling.  Everyone loves a good story!  Developing this skill can also mean expanding vocabulary and developing a grander use of metaphors and vivid imagery in your language patterns.  Also, a good way to become good at telling stories is to LIVE AN AWESOME LIFE so that your day-to-day experiences naturally fills itself with great stories to tell.  So much fun can be had interacting with people.  Think of every time you hear someone’s voice as an opportunity to play and have fun.  Live the story, share the story.  Be the story!

–  Communication.  Related to storytelling, generally there’s just so much fun to be had with people!  Also lots of misery too, right?  All depends on our level of social ease or anxiety.  For the longest time, my life was filled with social anxiety and fear.  Thankfully, after literal study of people and communication, via books like How to Win Friends and Influence People, i became much more confident around people.  Then, when i made the big shift away from caring about what other people thought about me to living a life oriented around values did i begin to realize fearlessness.  With pure intentions, you are invincible.  Thinking of peace you can do anything.  The power of purity…realize it for yourself, and meanwhile, study 🙂

That’s enough skills to last us all at least for one lifetime 🙂

Remember, 10,000 hours to the level of mastery.  But hey, even after 5 hours of investment into developing any one of those skills you will experience some pretty great returns.  Please though, don’t believe me!, and experience for yourself 🙂

So many wonderful ways to spend this precious time aside from watching ‘other people’ live their lives on the television.  Learn, grow, expand, evolve!  Love! Love! Love!

Live! Live! Live!

Enjoy 🙂


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