What are your beliefs about Reality?

What is the true nature of Reality?

What kind of world are we living in?

Ah, the we!  When the thinking turns to ‘we,’ especially when talking about Reality, we’ve got to let it go!

For each person, Reality is a very personal matter.

Reality is a matter of believing.

And, as Sean Stephenson once informed me, “Believing is seeing.”  A lot of people might say seeing is believing, but really…it begins with beliefs.

So, when trying to discern what kind of world we’re living in, we’ve each got to individual and look at our own beliefs.  The old saying, “Speak for yourself,” can serve us here…”Believe for yourself.”

The other day i went to a Christian Methodist Church while supporting mi padre as he was giving a talk afterwards.  During the service, a prayer was offered, something like, “Help us to be a light in a dark world.”

I realized, that prayer does not resonate with me.  And i don’t believe it!  i think that prayer is rooted in falsehood, and even allowing that prayer to enter consciousness can do harm.  If only i can continuously connect on the level, “It’s all Divine.  Have fun :-),”  that would be nice!

The prayer implies that it is a fact that the world is filled with darkness.  I believe in a world filled with love.  Sometimes i even believe in a Reality in which Love is the only thing that’s Real.  So it’s not about being a light in a dark world, but it’s about being your true self, which is love in light, in a world that is filled with love and light!

For some reason, it seems like people love to condemn and to project.  Instead of turning the gaze inward and accepting responsibility for everything perceived, people might more easily resort to playing the blame game or simply saying, “The Devil’s at work in the world.”

Insisting on the existence of a devil or evil is simply logical laziness.  If you dig a little bit beneath the surface, you’ll discover an abundance of reasons for whatever you’re experiencing, far from evil’s intervention.  If you look closely at any circumstance, you can always find nuggets of gold, and an abundance of lessons that are perfect for your growth and spiritual development.

So yes, as much as i like supporting the parents in their endeavors and listening to talks they might be giving, i also like supporting higher consciousness and awareness, which i don’t find much of in church sermons.  Actually – i’ll say the sermons i’ve heard recently have illuminated a bit, the prayers that insist on the existence of darkness / evil get to me though.  Oh well, i guess they’re being the perfect guru 🙂

Recently there have been some annoyances, and i guess the appropriate response is gratitude!  As i told my sister after she thoroughly unsettled me to the point where i left the room, i returned after a few minutes, thanked her, and said, “The Guru annoys.”

The Guru Annoys!

So embrace whatever annoys you.  It is your perfect teacher, even a divine gift!

Meanwhile, believing is seeing!

Whatever you believe about Reality will be reflected in your experience.

Believe goodness, that is what you will see.

Believe Love, that is what you will experience.

Believe there’s an abundance to be grateful for, and so it is.

Or believe whatever you want, you are free 🙂

Remember – to each his own!  To each her own!

Each of us lives in our own Reality.  It’s Subjective.

Beliefs are the operating systems.  Different people carry different beliefs.  Or maybe that’s just a belief…

Ultimately, embracing Subjective Reality is key.  After all, how can you absolutely be certain that anything beyond ‘You’ is Real?  All you can really know is you!  That’s why believing is so powerful!


Love. Gratitude.  Ask and Receive.  Think and Create.

Beauty.  Purity.  Grace.


Live in the Wow!


Regarding evil and projecting events as evil at work/play/the devil’s doing…

Seen from a Higher Perspective it’s all for good.  Maybe all the reason you can muster won’t bring you to the understanding or awareness of that Higher Perspective, but on some level you can trust and make the leap.

And sure, you might say…why make the leap to believing it’s all for good when you can just as easily leap and believe it’s evil at play?  It’s all belief anyway, right?

Well…your choice!  You choose.  As Ellen Degeneres may write on her dressing room mirror, “Choose Love.”

Pragmatism works.  Choose a belief.  Try it out.  See how it works for you.  If it increase the quality of your life, embrace it!  If not, let it go.  You decide!

Meanwhile, if embracing the All for Good Higher Perspective and you find your reason challenged to understand, you can simply connect with, “Thy Will Be Done.”  And it is, of course!  Nothing but Thy will is done.  So Thy Will Be Done and It is So.  See whatever it is as Thy Will, the Will of the Highest!

Even if the small self human mind/body lacks the understanding in the Present Moment, it can trust in the Higher Perspective.  It’s like the “knowing without knowing,”  that St. John of the Cross writes about.

Know without knowing, it’s all for good!  Or, it’s all for bad 😉  Ha, that’d be a funny Reality to live in.

Praise the Lord!

The Lord…


The Law 🙂

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