How can we know the Truth?

1.  Push your limits.  Do things that might be considered extreme, and do them in the spirit of exploring and expanding.  You are here to expand!  So intentionally adventure beyond your comfort zone.  Allowing cultural norms to determine your limitations is dangerous and destructive.  You are way bigger than culture.  You are bigger than any podcast, movie, or news broadcast.  You have the power to decide upon and realize your own personal truth.  You have the great fortune of choosing your beliefs.  You can choose to belief anything.  And, the more your explore and adventure beyond your comfort zone, the more your beliefs will become expansive, and any limiting beliefs will reveal themselves as false and disempowering.  Why disempower yourself?  You can do anything you can think you can do.  If you can dream it, you can do it.  The only limitations that exist are the ones that you place upon yourself.

– Break free from your limited programming!  If you think of your mind as a computer / operating system, it is programmed since birth.  Throughout the years, all the ideas, people, events, and media we expose ourselves too condition and program the mind to believe certain things and behave certain ways.  There is nothing to say that any of the cultural programming and conditioning is bad.  What’s more significant is that you can re-program your own mind and condition yourself to behave and believe anything that you think will enhance the quality of your life and experience of the Present Moment.  You are free!  Choose your beliefs.

– Here are some great ways to discover your own power.  You can do any of these challenges for a day, up to a week.  These little experiments will greatly enhance your self-esteem, sense of self-worth, and help you discover more fully all that you are capable of.  For one day, go without food.  Fast for one day.  Or, for a weekend, go without speaking.  Practicing silence for one or two days.  Wear a blindfold for one day.  Sleep in a park and live outside for one day.

– So basically that’s it.  Fast.  Silence. Voluntary Poverty.  All of these practices help us to overcome limiting beliefs and fears.  We might be prone to think, “I could never skip a meal.  Go a day or a week without eating?  You must be crazy!  I could never do that.”  Anytime you catch yourself using the words Always or Never is a fictitious way of thinking and is grounded in falsehood.  You’re much better off eliminating those words from your vocabulary, especially never!  With Always, maybe you can practice some positive affirmations with Always, like “I always complete my work on time!” or something like that 🙂  Anything you catch yourself thinking with the word never, slow down, examine the thought, discovery its falsehood, and perhaps take whatever physical actually that would help you to factually disprove the false thought and re-affirm your limitless nature.  You are infinite!

2.  Truth comes from your own experience.  You can read the words of great people who lived connected with very powerful truths – like the Jesus and the Buddha – and you can learn from them, but ultimately you can only realize the truth they realized by living it yourself, not by reading.  So, if you like, read their profound ideas to begin to connect with the powerful truth, and then put down the book and put their words to the test.  Put simple teachings like, “Ask and you shall receive,” to the test.  See how living the truth of that teaching can greatly enhance your life and make things so much more effortless and easeful.  Put, ‘All we are is what we have thought,” to the test.  See how your thoughts create who you are and what you experience.  Change your thoughts, change your life.  This is why meditation is such a powerful practice.  Meditation enhances our ability to focus the mind and direct it’s attention to what we desire most.  Another one of my favorite teachings to realize the Truth behind…”Store up treasures in Heaven, not on earth.”  Practice storing up treasures in Heaven by educating yourself, think of the mind as Heaven, and giving away physical things on earth.  Realize that the greatest possession you have is something that was given to you freely at birth – the mind and body!  Anything physical matters little compared to the treasures in Heaven.  But please, don’t take my word for it 🙂

And also, i might as well just share this.  Day 3.5 of silence, i’m discovering a more natural inclination to go within, to pray, to conscious breathe, and send thoughts of love to people.  I’d say it generally is increasing my ability/practice to live in a prayerful state, which is nice 🙂



One thought on “How can we know the Truth?

  1. Very simple: read the New Testament, which is Jesus’ message for us. And if you don’t understand any part (there are lots of parables in there and figurative language), just ask one of the disciples to whom Jesus entrusted the magisterial role. Simple, right? Because He said: “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life”. No one else can say that. He cannot be wrong. So the way to go is very clear, my friend, although not always easy to follow…..

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