Preparing to Die


That’s right.

Some philosophy guy once said, “Life is a meditation on in preparation for death.”

After spending the last three days in silence, i’m beginning to understand.

The body dies.  We know this.  It’s going to happen.  What we don’t know is when.  So then it seems reasonable to consider, “If i die today, how am i leaving the world?  What am i leaving the world with?”

On a physical level, i’d currently be leaving the world with a semi-messy room and some scattered papers.  Personally, i feel responsible to sort through these papers, bring some order to them and / or throw them away, so that, just in case i do die today, at least no one is left with that burden.  Because…no one would really want to throw out the paper’s of a dead guy, and at the same time no one is probably all that eager to read them through them.  So, no matter when the Angel of Death might firmly knock at the door, it seems reasonable that NOW IS THE TIME to prepare.  Right? 😉

In many ways, i can already feel the bliss of lifting the burden of these papers. It seems like such a small thing, and it would be pretty easy to throw these papers away, but i guess i’m emotionally attached to them.  A lot of the papers are day-to-day journal entries from times i’ve spent living without using any money or just living very simply.  There are lots of good insights (ha, so modest ;-)), and the papers are packed with ideas.  So it’s pretty fun intellectually to go through them and see where the mind was at 1-2 years ago.  Meanwhile, it’s also funny to witness the handwriting, and how the quality of the handwriting shifts over time, and also just depending on day-to-day circumstances.

When fully present, and living in that actualized / fulfilled / realized state of being, any handwriting i think is inevitably beautiful and created with a high degree of awareness.  Writing itself is a form of art.  And sometimes it’s nice just to stop an admire your own handwriting.  It is beautiful! And you can make it even more beautiful as you enter more fully into the present moment and bring the gift of your full awareness and attention to it.  It’s amazing what happens when we stop!  Freeze.  Breathe.  Go slowly.

Becoming aware…yes!!!



So if i’m going to die today, at least it seems i made a reasonable effort today to lift some of the burden of this mass of papers from whoever would take care of them.  Then again, this strategy for ‘preparing for death’ seems to be very much rooted in the physical and caught up in the worldly.

Ah yes!  Which reminds me…

Tis the season!

Yes, tis the season!

And so, in the season, it’s a time of giving.

As much as i’ve been sorting through all these papers, there is much giving going on with that activity.  Meanwhile, in the corner of the room is a pile of gifts waiting to be wrapped and prepared to give to people for the Holidays.

And let’s say i do die today, it seems way more ‘tragic’ that i died leaving those gifts in the corner, unlabeled, and for all anyone knows they could be personal possessions that i wasn’t planning to give away anyway.  So screw the papers!  We’ve got gifts to give!

What intellectual thought could anyone produce anyway that is more valuable than the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads?

Ha!  The world doesn’t need more books.  No one needs more books.  An abundance of outstanding books have already been written.  And surely, more on the way, but!  But, let’s give our gifts first before we concern ourselves with synthesizing a beautiful gathering of ideas.

Don’t want to die with those gifts unlabeled and unwrapped!

Death…gotta love it 🙂

And when you think of death, it doesn’t have to be death of the physical body.  It can be death of an aspect of yourself that is no longer serving your highest good.

For example, i know having these piles of papers doesn’t serve my highest good (or so it seems), and also having all these unprepared gifts is not serving me too well.  So!  What do we do with things that no longer serve our highest good?  Get rid of them!  Give them away, throw ’em out, do whatever it is you have to do.  Let go and be free!  And then when you’re free, level up!  Level up!  Level up!

As i heard Neil Strauss say, “Sometimes you have to tell that voice inside you to shut up and die.”

Or like St. Paul, “Now that I have become a man, I have put away childish things.”

The old self must die.  We must put away our childish things.  Live and die each day.  Die to the past, open to the moment.

What is holding you back?  What part of yourself is it time to let die so that you can flourish more abundantly?

For me, it’s time to let go of these papers and prepare these gifts 🙂

And then, who knows what’s next…guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

Love and Gratitude in Abundance 🙂

and Hallelujah!


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