What’s with all this talk about ‘The Present Moment?’

The Present Moment is awesome!!! But what, it also sucks!!!

Haha, just kidding, Present Moment.  You are awesome!  At least…for now 🙂

Sometimes though, you do get on my nerves.  You annoy me, frustrate me, lead me to yelling profanities or getting really angry.  But what, sorry for projecting all that on you, Present Moment, that’s really my responsibility.  I am responsible!


The Present Moment is packed with potential!

The Present Moment can bring us to a state of immense pleasure and joy and ecstasy and bliss.

Or, the Present Moment might be with us in a state of intense sorrow or sadness.

In the Present Moment, we can experience the whole range of emotions and the infinite expanse of experiences.

It all can happen right here, right now.

Here and Now!

We experience any emotion we could possibly desire (or not desire!) in the Present Moment.

And, we can also…!!!…experience life or death in the Present Moment.

We can be fully alive – conscious, mindful, alert, aware,

or we can be totally dead – mindless, asleep, unaware.

And on a literal level, this body can live or die in the Present Moment.

Next time you want to feel really grateful when you’re with someone in the Present Moment,

imagine the infinite experiences that person can bring to you in the Present Moment.

They can lead you to laugh abundantly, and to run around and dance with joy,

they can bring you immense satisfaction and fulfillment and greatly enhance your awareness and experience of Love and Gratitude.

Or…just to consider the whole range…that person can end your life! At least, the life of that physical body.  Whenever we are in the Present Moment with someone, that person brings us life or death.  We become more fully alive or more dead.  And, ultimately, they can render us completely dead!  People can kill people.  Not to say you associate with anyone who would consider killing you.  The point is, let’s not take it for granted!

The more we take for granted, the more we suffer.  The more we slow down and appreciate, the more we enjoy life and feel so good and grateful!!!

So, even if you’re with a loved one, you can think, “Wow, this person could kill me, but they’re not.  They’re seeking to bring me joy instead, and they are sharing their love and attention with me.  This is amazing!”

Or even more practical, consider yourself biking on the road.  Every car that passes you, you can easily say, “Thank you for driving safely.  Thank you for not hitting me and this bike, and thank you for allowing me to share the road peacefully with you.  I appreciate your awareness that lets us both be here together.”

There are always opportunities for gratitude!  Why take life for granted?  It’s much more fun, and even realistic!, to live on the edge of death.  Because, ultimately, we never know.

Thank people for keeping you alive, for supporting your wellbeing.  Thank people in the grocery store for allowing there to be some food for you to eat too!  And thank all those butchers in the grocery store for not jumping out from behind the counter and hurting you 🙂  You never know!

Life and death are in the Present Moment.  And, at least as far as we are reading this, breathing, smile…it looks like we’ve got life in this Present Moment, so let’s celebrate Life!

Life! Life! Life!

Awareness! Awareness! Awareness!

Choose Love.

Give thanks in all circumstances.

So much to be grateful for.

Just breathing is amazing.

Miracles upon us!

Look closely, you can see angel wings on the people in your Present Moment, including yourself!

Believe and See. Believe and Achieve.

The best things in life are free!


Hallelujah 🙂


One thought on “What’s with all this talk about ‘The Present Moment?’

  1. The PRESENT MOMENT is realism, because it is the only real thing. Neither the past nor the future exist (at least not for you and me). The future might be a reality for you or me one day, but it is not today. Therefore, carpe diem! We have to be strive to be SAINTS TODAY AND NOW…. and hopefully the others more saintly than me.

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