Leading the World

What is the purpose of politics?  Does anyone have any idea what politicians work towards?

The answer can be crystal clear.  The answer can be World Peace, World Health, World Happiness.  It can be as simple as that.

We all want everyone to be healthy, happy, and at peace.

So let’s make that clear!  With how we live, everything we do can be dedicated to our health, happiness, and peace, and to the health, happiness, and peace of all the world.

Whenever arguments get heated, we can stop and reconnect with the Higher Purpose:  World Health, Happiness, and Peace.

Thanks to the wonders of science and the human experience, Health, Happiness, and Peace all carry with them tangible markers.

To increase Health, we can seek to increase the numbers of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables available to everyone in the world.  We can even seek to supply everyone with an awesome multi-vitamin and/or blender so that everyone can start their day with a totally healthy and nourishing green smoothie.  We can also educate on the value of walking, and how walking alone can be the exercise of choice, striving towards 10,000 steps a day and / or 30 minutes of intentional walking daily.  Also, there are 10-15 stretches that everyone can perform daily and would feel much better.  And, get everyone a foam roller!  Foam rollers are incredible healing.  Foam rolling, similar to a Hatha Yoga practice, is like giving yourself a person massage.

–>  To-reiterate, for world health let’s get everyone a foam roller, a blender, a multi-vitamin, a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a basic education that provides a motivation to walk 10,000 steps daily and perform 5-15 minutes worth of stretching daily.  The purpose of education is behavioral change. Let’s get it done!  Also, for health, meditation.  Let’s teach the world how to meditate – that is how to sit in stillness and silence and be at peace with just that – just being.  When we realize Peace in stillness and silence, we can realize it everywhere, and discover that we have everything we could ever need 🙂

For World Happiness!  Much of the above goes for happiness too.  It’s hard to be happy when not healthy.  Happiness essentially comes in moments when we are desireless, that is when we don’t want something beyond our reach.  Happiness is contentment with what is, an awareness that allows us to take a deep breath and just enjoy the sensation of breathing.  Let’s get World Happiness with World Health, and with teaching meditation and communication with people.  How much suffering comes from social anxiety and awkwardness?  Let’s educate every human being to be an excellent communicator!  And let’s help everyone develop a wonderful memory so they can fill it with great stories and poetry to share with people.  This will also boost everyone’s confidence and self-esteem.  For Happiness, let’s bring health and meditation and communication skills.

And for Peace!  For Peace,  Well if you have Health and Happiness, you’ve pretty much got peace.  Let’s clarify Peace by tying it with harmlessness and non-violence.  Let’s stop physical hurting people, and that can even include boxing and violent sports like football.  How could it possibly be good for us a human race to support these events that statistically shorten people’s life span by 15 years?  Generally, let’s turn off television.  Or, upgrade them to contain positive programming, instead of fear-based media and violent sports.  For the most part, local and world news can basically stop.  This will help everyone to focus on themselves, deepening their own practices of Health, Happiness, and Peace, instead of constantly projecting outwards, claiming there are so many problems ‘out there.’  When we turn off the television, we grow in accepting responsibility for the world, and realize we are to be the change we want to see in the world.  It starts within. Train the mind, purify consciousness, realize goodness in all.  Stop the nonsense of letting all kinds of rancid thoughts and images into the mind.  Who needs that?

–>  So Peace, let’s go for non-violence!  Stop harming humans, even in sports, in torture situations, war, etc.  End all human violence.  Even bullying.  And, in so many ways of equal significance, end all animal violence.  Close all slaughterhouses.  Eat fruits and vegetables!

As you can see, Health, Happiness, and Peace are all tied together.

And, it might be easy to think that ending human violence in the world is priority #1, and perhaps it is, but also you can see how there are many paths to ending human violence.

Over my transition from being a regular meat-eater to vegetarian to vegan, I noticed an increase in compassion towards all life, and less of inclination to even think negatively or poorly of anyone or anything.  I think this is true with many people as they experience a shift to a healthier and more compassionate way of eating.

When we stop putting in foods that were violently manufactured, we can stop putting out thoughts and actions of a violent nature.  When we start putting in food peacefully produced, we start putting out peaceful thoughts and actions.

Just imagine…what kind of scary world do we live in for the people who think we need to eat another living thing to survive?  We live in the Golden Age!  We can flourish off of fruits and vegetables.  No need to kill animals to live, much less thrive.  The strongest animals in nature, including the elephant and gorilla, eat vegetarian.  Let’s learn from them.

World Health, Happiness, and Peace – let that be our goal.

Let’s be totally practical and realistic and down-to-earth about it. We can begin to make steps immediately to reduce the violence in the world, and thus increase the Peace.  Reducing violence means reducing harm inflicted upon one form of life by another form of life.  We can each do this individually by voting with our dollars to buy more fruits and vegetables and less animal products.  Each time anyone buys an animal product, they are voting for unnecessary harm done upon an animal.  Essentially, buying animal products is a vote for violence.  Do we want Peace or violence?

We want Peace!  And we want Happiness! And we want Health!  We receive all of these great rewards in abundance when we turn our gaze within and start being the change we want to see in the world.  No need to project upon the world – look in the mirror.  That’s where all the change takes place!  Change the man, change the woman, change the world.  It’s that simple.  You vote each time you spend a dollar.  What kind of a world are you voting for.

Health! Happiness!  Peace!

We can all have it.  End violence.  End anxiety.  End awkwardness.  End laziness.  End selfish desire.

Start compassion!  Start caring for all forms of life!  Start educating meditation, communication, storytelling, humor!  Start educating stretching, walking, and healthy eating!

Let us all discover, via personal experience, the Kingdom Within.

The Magnificent Mind.  Let’s go exploring.

More and more, let’s make value-oriented decisions.  Let’s consider the long-run and invest with love in a more abundant future for everyone!  Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

When we make decisions, let’s remind ourselves of our vision: World Health, World Happiness, World Peace.  It’s practical and possible!

Let’s get people healthy food, blenders, foam rollers.  Let’s get people an education that inspires meditation, walking, social connection and ease.  Let’s get people an education that inspires more education.  Lifelong learning and self-education is the way to go.  Reading and learning is the ultimate recreation!

We all want to feel good.  There are tangible ways we can do this.  Let’s focus on something that’s tangible, practical, reasonable.  One person at a time, one by one by one, we make the change and we give.

Let’s learn skills that serve us and serve humanity for an entire lifetime and beyond.  Let’s practice living healthily, happily, peacefully, now! 🙂

Praise the Lord, Praise the Law of Creation!

Praise the Present Moment 🙂


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