What do we do with all this energy?!?

One classic questions that faces us as human beings is, “What do we do with all this time?”

As far as time goes, it seems like we have so much time that we hardly know what to do with it.  In fact, we willingly offer our time to ‘others’ so that they might entertain us and keep our bodies and minds occupied.  Hence, some people have so much ‘free time’ on this planet that they regularly resort to activities like drugs, alcohol, and television.  These activities are basically escapes from reality and offer little to no return-on-investment.

When you begin to give immense value to your time, you begin to schedule it and use it wisely.  You use your time in ways that support the long-term vision you have for yourself and for the world.  You invest your time wisely in things like reading, writing, study, and developing skills that will last you a lifetime like meditation, communication, breathing, humor, creativity, etc.

One of the highest value activities anyone can engage in is entering the flow state.  The flow state reveals itself when we achieve focus, steadiness of mind, and freedom from distractions.  Flow also benefits from a challenge.  Essentially, flow is any period of time, usually greater than twenty minutes lasting up to 3 to 5 hours, where the mind is focused on a creative task.  Some form of creative art or expression, writing, thinking on paper, brainstorming, mind-mapping, 5-year planning, etc.  The gift is flow.  To let the mind do what it does, uninterrupted, rising to a challenge, and creating something of value for you and possibly for ‘others’ as well.

Flow is like a sacred energy field you enter into when you lose all sense of time and you even lose identification with the mind and the body.  Instead you are just being in a highly creative and productive state and realizing your oneness with what you are creating.

Here are a few great things to do with your time and energy, that generally fall under the category of a perfect action in yogic terms, meaning that these activities harm none and benefit at least one.  Harm none, benefit one.  Benefit All 🙂

–>  Enter the flow!  This is perhaps the greatest way to use the mind.  Enter the sacred, free, uninterrupted, undisturbed space of calmness and challenge and allow yourself to engage in fully in a creative endeavor.

–>  Walk.  🙂

–>  Laugh.

–>  Study.  This is like a green smoothie for the mind.  Give it new materials as well as a regular review of the old materials.  Refine your focus and master your material.  10,000 hours in a field that magnificently obsesses you is a good investment 🙂  Study includes any form of learning: reading, listening, watching…just let it be a conscious endeavor!  Not mindless. Mindful!  Full of mind and conscious intention.

–> Stretch.  Take care of that wonderful body!

–>  Eat healthy foods, and learn about health and preparing healthy foods!  i read something the other day, the lady said, “Enjoy health.”  Profound idea, right?  We don’t need to enjoy lots of stuff.  We can enjoy our health!  And the more we educate ourselves, the more reasons we give the mind to make the changes we know are good for us.

–>  Organize and bring order.  To whatever is around you, clean it up!  External cleanliness and order facilitates inner-cleanliness and order.

–>  Practice mindfulness.  This is an awesome investment in your abundant future and generally enhancing the quality of each and every moment of life.  This means listening, going slowly, maybe freezing, and connecting with the here and now.  Be awed by the body and the beauty all around you.  Miracles abound with mindful awareness.  The sun is literally in everything 🙂

–>  Write a thank you note.  Even to yourself!  Or to God. Or the universe!  Hug a person, or an animal, or a tree.  Give something a massage, even your feet!  Express gratitude for all kinds of abundances in your life.  Affirm beauty and life and goodness all around you.  Call a friend.  Talk with someone.  Talk with yourself!  Make plans for realizing your worthy ideal and all your great dreams.  Serve.  Give!

–> Ask questions, big questions!  Write down 100 questions in a row if you dare.  Where are you from? Where do you exist?  Who are you?  What do you want most?  Why?  How can show more love?  Just a few questions to ponder…

Essentially…think!  And create!  And train the mind.

Instead of watching television or consuming other drugs and letting ‘other people’ do your thinking for you, think for yourself!  No need to live vicariously – live yourself!

Use your mind.  Cherish your mind.  And body.  These are the coolest things given to us, freely at birth!  Let’s care for them and explore them.

“The mind is the last great unexplored continent.”  Let’s explore!  Ask big questions of it, put it to work on achieving an awesome dream.  The only limits that exist are the ones we place on it.  Set it free to explore and expand and answer the big questions.

Just remember, more significant than the answers to the questions you ask are the questions themselves.  The answers may change.  The questions remain.  Every day you can ask, “Who am I?” and you might get a new answer every day. That’s okay 🙂

Give thanks in all circumstances!

Thank you 🙂

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