Where do you exist?

This question popped to mind earlier…

It’s a pretty sweet answer.  Because…well, you know the answer.

The answer, in many ways, changes moment-to-moment-to-moment.  On the micro, where we exist changes each moment, as our environment changes around us, and the body and mind change with it too.

On the macro level, however, on the cosmic plane, where we exist is constant.  It’s in the Here and Now, in the Cosmos, in Reality.  In this way, we are always home.  Our home is constant 🙂

We are home! And home is infinite in the forms it presents itself to us.

In so many ways, the home and the being living in the home are one in the same.  Who among us doesn’t identify with our place of residence?  When we see our home, we feel it as a part of ourselves.  If our home gets hurt, we get hurt.  There is no separation between the home and the dweller.  Thankfully, we are home everywhere, and the Indweller is always with us; Within 🙂


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