You are What you Eat. You are How you Eat.

What foods we consume and how we consume them are two of the biggest decisions many of us make on a daily basis.  The reasons we choose our foods, the foods we choose, and how we consume our foods once we’ve chosen them speak volumes about our purpose, values, direction, and goals as individuals.

One thing i’ve noticed recently, after having a few experiencing of mindlessly consuming an abundance of super healthy, compassionate foods…

–> Consuming mindlessly, in a rushed state, leads to a hurried sense of being in the world.

–>  Consuming very healthy, compassionate foods orients the the mind and body towards feeling, contributing to the whole, and setting a good example.

When these occasions arise, i find myself doing…something like what i’m doing right now 🙂  There’s a sense of urgency to writing this, just like there was almost a sense of urgency to the eating, whereas there is also a purity to these words, just as there was a purity to the food consumed.

There are a few other food scenarios which i’ve somewhat experienced first hand so feel that i can speak to…

Just consider that what foods you put into the mind/body and how you put them in is sort of like putting in your order with the universe – you’re signaling how you want the mind/body to function.

Thus, if you put in mindlessly produced foods, and possibly foods that caused harm to other sentient beings like animal products, you might find yourself living in that type of world.  You’ll experience less consciousness, less aliveness, and less compassion and care towards all living beings, because you choose to care for the mind/body in the same way.  The more consciousness you bring to your food choices, the more consciousness, and therefore joy and connection, you experience 🙂

If you close an eye to your food choices and buy animal products without thinking that that choice will resonate throughout the rest of your experience of life…well…you’re only kidding yourself 😉  Every choice we make impacts the whole.  The more we make choices with love and compassion, the more we experience love and compassion.  The more we make decisions for the good of all, the more we find that everything works for our good too!

When you eat foods closer to nature, you experience more closeness to nature as well.  Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetable – living foods – and go for a walk in nature.  You might found yourself amazed at the beauty around you.   You might even hug a tree with your eyes fully open!

The more we eat processed foods, packaged foods, animal products…the more we are closer our hearts and minds to the wonders of nature and life itself.  The more we eat these types of foods, the more we’re saying we want to live in the machine world, and the more we’re putting in an order with the universe for more violence and unconsciousness, maybe even disease.

We all know the foods that help us feel good and those that hurt us.  So it’s not wonder that when we choose the foods that hurt us, shortly after we start coughing or start holding anger towards someone else.  The more we choose the foods that heal us and help us feel good, the more goodness we experience.

Also, considering the amount of food.  The more you eat, the more you’re asking to serve.  All that input has to be output somewhere!

if you eat an excessive amount of processed foods and animal products, the output might look like lots of television watching or maybe internet browsing and trolling.  It likely will not be all that productive.

However, if you eat an abundance of healthy, whole, compassionate foods, you might find yourself outputting a blog post, a walk in nature, a song or dance, a studying session, maybe two hours in the sacred flow state…who knows!

Mindless input returns mindless output.  Mindful input returns mindful output.  …

And lastly, to address the how we eat.  The faster you eat, the more you’re telling the universe, “I want to live fast!  I’m on the ‘Go-go-go!’ speed.  Let’s go!!!”  The more we slow down, and very mindfully enjoy one bite of your meal at a time, the more you are signaling, “I am calm, relaxed, present, and so grateful.  Thank you for this abundance.  I really just want to continue to mindfully enjoy creation and the abundance that rains down in so many wonderful ways :-)”  Also, if you consume slowly and mindfully, you’ll probably consume less, which means you’re asking for less output/production as well.

If you eat treating foods as a means to an ends – like eating for health and energy – then the food is your fuel and it will move you to some action, even if it’s sitting on the couch watching television because maybe you ate too much.  Or, the abundance of fuel might move you to writing a blog post (yes…i just had an abundance, rather mindlessly, but hey – at least it was compassionate, healthy food, so i’m writing this and not couch-potatoing :-))

If you mindfully, treating the food as an end in itself, then the food is the food is the food, and you are eating to eat.  Your joy is in the experience, and you never really needed any energy to begin with, you are just mindfully living and being with the food.  In this light, your order with the universe is just for the present moment, and that you remain aware of the goodness.  Generally, mindful eating leads to healthier choices and more moderate proportions, because you are shining the light of awareness on the ritual of eating.  Awareness shines in the direction of health, compassion, and caring for all.  Hence, the more mindfulness, the more compassion and connection with all life.  And, the more you realize that desire is an illusion and that you’ve always had everything you needed 🙂

Well then, after that healthy but rather mindless meal, this mind/body is still feeling energized, since the food was mostly treated as fuel, and wants to contribute!  Guess it’s time to go for a walk and radiate some love.

What foods are you consuming?  How are you consuming them?  Why do you consume them?

For the calm, relaxed, patient, easeful lifestyle, choose the compassionate foods in the mindful way.  Nowhere to go, nothing to do, just being Here Now.

For the feeling that you can save the world with your actions, choose the compassionate foods the mindless way.  Perfect example of this…chug lots of green smoothies!  Ha, you’ll feel terrific and also think you have the key to everything.  And maybe you do… 🙂

Love, love, love!



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