One of the Best Lessons from the Jesus Story

The story of Jesus offers every human being the possibility that any and all earthly hardship can be accepted while maintaining one’s peace of mind.  We need not resist anything, no matter how bad it gets – we can still have our Peace.  Even if we’re being nailed to a cross, we can accept it and experience Peace.

What is this testament to?

The Goodness of Creation and the magnificent ability bestowed upon every one of us, freely at birth.

There is nothing we need to buy or do to have our Peace.  It is all of our Mind, our Consciousness.  Regardless of what happens externally, we can always turn our gaze inward, reconnect with our Kingdom Within, and experience our Peace that is always with us.  It is the Peace that transcends conditions and transcends reason.  You might say it’s a Peace that’s make no sense at all!, yet it is with us.  Because it is always with us, we can always understand it as an assurance that Creation is inherently good, and whatever happens beyond this life will be in accordance with the basic goodness.

Our Peace is With Us.  There is nothing we can do to earn it.  It has been given to us freely.  Perhaps we earned the birth as a human being, but who knows.  Metaphysical speculation doesn’t add much value to the practical day-to-day.  What does add value is an ever-increasing remembrance of our Peace that is Within, and that we can accept anything that comes our way.  Given to us at birth is a limitless potential for overcoming any and all pain and suffering.  The worst imaginable dissolves with a remembrance of the Kingdom Within.  Peace is with us now!

We don’t need to have any reason to smile 🙂

But…if you really want a reason…Smile for Being!!!

Love and Gratitude

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