Before i Die, a Few Thoughts..

Could be today, ya never know 😉

On Vegetarianism / Veganism

– Primarily, please continue to behave in a way that you know helps keep the body ideal.  More than keeping it alive, though, let it flourish! Thrive!

– Educating yourself regarding health optimization is a good investment of time and energy.  Because, as education ideally results in behavioral changes, these types of behavioral changes will lead to even greater health and energy and feelings of vigor, strength, vitality, and goodness! It’s a win/win/win for everybody and everything 🙂

– We live today in an interconnected world where we no longer have to eat animals to survive.  And really, instead of eating for mere survival, we have the opportunity to eat for thriving and flourishing, as some like to call it – surthrival.  Or, as i’ve read, “I’m eating for health.” So, we no longer have to eat animals to survive; we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables from Peru if we want!  It’s amazing.  Bananas from Guatemala sitting in the kitchen right now. Miracles abound!

– Nonetheless, if you still want to eat meat and perhaps don’t feel called to realizing greater levels of health, energy, vitality, as well as greater compassion and connection with all living beings, please continue to eat other living beings and dairy products.  Better to have you alive than not 🙂  Besides…someday…who knows…maybe you’ll make the switch.  It took me about 21 years to wake up enough to experiment with vegetarianism.  All by grace 🙂

– Insisting on not eating other living beings is kind of like living in the illusion of eternal life on earth.  Bodies – whether human, animal, insect – all die.  Not eating someone or something isn’t going to keep it alive forever.  If one thing is immortal, it’s immortal being the body it’s contained in here.  So, i think we’re better off embracing the Reality of death, meanwhile by no means actively promoting it, but if it’s what you want…and it brings you peace…then maybe go for it!  At the same time, i will say it’s still been difficult for me to sit peacefully in the company of dead animal flesh being consumed by human bodies.  i’m much more at peace running by a dead rabbit on the sidewalk than at a dinner table with dead chicken.

–  All the while, remember that every dollar you spend – even every penny! – is casting a vote.  Money votes.  That’s how economies work.  Supply and demand.  We vote every time we spend money.  The more we spend money on, the more of that is produced.  Every cent counts.  What are you voting for?

On Pooping 

– For me, pooping can be one of the most enjoyable or painful experiences of the day.  The key to the blissful poops…simple meals.  If you eat a meal with only one or two ingredients…like say cucumbers and tomatoes, maybe sprinkled with cinnamon…you’ll likely have an amazing poop.  Just saying.  Or like for the 7 days when i hate only dried apricots and hemp seeds…amazing poops!  Like effortless.  Or the 4.5 days of eating only bananas, so easy.

– So for easeful, effortless poops, move more and more in the direction of a mono diet. One food per meal.  Also, supplement magnesium, a probiotic, and digestive enzyme totally help.  The Source of Life multi-vitamin is also amazing.  Alas…earthly things 😉

On Longevity

– If you want to live a really long life, less is more. That is, less calories leads longer life.  Calorie restriction is the only known consistently proven method of elongating lifespan.  That means, eat less food.

– Think about it – the digestive process the body undergoes is the most energy-intensive process that it does.  You put in a green smoothie on one end, and 12-36 hours later…it comes out as brown logs.  It’s magic!  Imagine how much work your body does to complete that transformation.  If you want to see miracles, look no further than in your toilet bowl.  Literally, you can say, “That shit is amazing!”

– Give the body a rest.  Lighter, less dense foods like fruits and vegetables are easier to digest.  Especially if you blend them up, that’s like doing an abundance of the digestion that the body would normally have to undergo in the blender.  Then again, i think there is something to be said for eating foods as they occur in Nature…which is…eat them 🙂  Blending is cool, too.  Just, if you can, try and enjoy the smoothie mindfully.  You can see the sun in all of your food!  And in people too, and basically everything.  Everything grows and lives with the help of the sun.

On Religion (its awesome)

– Study it.  Beliefs are powerful.  And so are people who willingly die for a cause.

– You can choose your beliefs.  Choose them wisely.  Choose beliefs that empower you and grow you in love.  One of my favorite blog posts of all time that i’ve probably read over 100 times is Steve Pavlina’s Empowering Beliefs.  For a 30 day challenge, i read all of his empowering beliefs aloud every morning.  It was awesome!  Still is.

–  Allow leaders from all religious traditions to inspire you.  No need to pick just one.  They are all wonderful examples, and all many paths leading to the same Ultimate Truth.

–  Understanding different religious traditions helps us understand and appreciate people and culture.  It also helps us love more abundantly and perceive the unity of all things.  It also helps move towards that truth of “not knowing.”  Meanwhile, don’t get swamped up in library, overwhelmed by looking at all the books, thinking, “I must read all of these!” No no – the truth is in the experience.  Meanwhile, read for Peace, in Peace.  Studying is pretty much always a good thing.  And ultimately, know, you are that!  You are that!  You are that! Om Tat Sat.

On Walking

– Do it. Enjoy it.  Smile and walk.  Breathe and walk in harmony.  10,000 steps a day is a common prescription for happiness.  Make each day your masterpiece and walk!

On Laughing (attitude, beware of fun police)

– Laugh abundantly! And if someone tells you whatever you’re laughing at isn’t a laughing matter, feel free to laugh even more.  Or, you can stop.  Either way.  Beware of the fun police. Ultimately, i think one of the highest perspectives is to realize that everything’s funny and the Divine Comedy is always playing out.  God is the Cosmic Comedian!  Tune in and you’ll find abundant humor all around you.  Smile at it, laugh at it, play!  Delight in Creation and enjoy the flourishing life all around you.

–  Laughing is healthy.  And Liberating.  One of the most liberating experiences of my life was attending a Laughter Yoga class.  Additionally, a 30 day challenge where i intentionally laughed for at least 15 consecutive minutes at a time proved super liberating and expansive.  Really helped tune into the Divine Comedy…

– Also, regarding tuning into the Divine Comedy, laughter coincides with beauty.  During the 30 day laughter challenge, a lot of the moments when i found myself laughing was while admiring the beauty of a rock, a leaf, or mindfully listening to the sound of a chain dangling on a fire hydrant.  Present Moment Awareness is so powerful!  Joy is in the Present Moment.

On Relationships

– People are in abundance!  No need to approach any one relationship with any one single person as something rare, coveted, or scarce.  It’s abundant!  And the real relationship is always with the Present Moment in it’s infinite variety of forms.  You might also say it’s the relationship with God, the Eternal Relationship!  Cultivate the eternal relationship and all relationships with individual people naturally take care of themselves.  The key is…Love your Moment!  And appreciate it for being so awesome 🙂

“Think About One Thing Only”

–  I said this to Mother Eagle last night.  Her response was, “What?”  Like asking, “What is the one thing you want me to think about it?”

– I told her it wasn’t for me to decide!  It is your choice.  You decide what the one thing it is to think about.  Is it Jesus? Buddha?  Salvation? Enlightenment? Nirvana? Truth? Freedom? Peace? Love? Goodness? Om?  You decide!

– Focus is so powerful.  Whatever you focus on, consistently, you will realize more fully in your life.  Every thought counts!  10 thoughts of “Peace” are better than 9, if Peace is what you’re looking for.  And, amazingly, enough thoughts of Peace assuredly do bring Peace.

On Responsibility

– “I want to accept more responsibility for everything I experience.”  This is a quote i read the other day on Steve Pavlina’s blog, and it totally inspired me.  It’s so powerful!  Did you say? Say it!

– We all benefit when we accept responsibility and stop playing the blame game.  It’s easy to paint our selves as victims, but it’s far more rewarding to accept responsibility for everything we experience, and to fully embrace being the change we want to see in the world.  If we have a problem with the world, we can fix it!  Or, we can change our perspective and watch the problem dissolve 🙂

– The affirmation “I am responsible” in many ways is the first step to awakening.  I learned of this affirmation originally from Brian Tracy, then found it on a YouTube series about Awakening as the first step of twelve or so to Awakening.  The series was also big on self-education.  Nevertheless,  you are responsible!  This empowers you.  You are free and responsible to create anything and everything you desire, as well as perhaps realize that blissful state beyond desires, where you’re just basking in the perfection and glory of it all 🙂

On Hugging Trees

 Do it.  It’s healing.

– When you hug a person, a tree, anything – realize how thought somewhat cease.  Yet, if you hold the hug long enough, perhaps they come back.  And maybe they wander to what you’ll be having for dinner, but wait!  That’s so rude, isn’t it?  To think about dinner while you’re engaged in this wonderful loving expression of a hug with another being?

–  Imagine you’re embraced in an Eternal hug with the Present Moment.  You’re always hugging something, even if it’s just air.  So, keep those thoughts focused, sending love and kindness, peace and joy to whatever it is you’re hugging.  When you’re sharing love through a hug, it only makes sense to give of your very best, which means focusing your thoughts on the highest good, whatever that is to you 🙂

– Also, recently when i’ve been hugging trees – the thought struck me, “I could do this forever.”  Or, “I could do this until i die.” There is immense freedom in loving gestures.  Whether it’s hugging someone or something, writing letters, greeting people with warmth and affection, smiling at people…all of these acts are supported by all humanity.  Humanity loves love!  So if you love, you’ll always be provided for.  Or, even if you’re not – there’s nothing to fear! Because you’re loving – which in any moment is the best any of us can do – so be free 🙂  Free to Love!

& Gratitude!


One thought on “Before i Die, a Few Thoughts..

  1. “Choose your beliefs…”? Beliefs are not like joining a club. You cannot choose to believe in any mystical guru out there just because it “empowers” you. When you believe in something, it is because you are convinced that it is true. Relativism is the triumph of the Malign one.

    Only THE Truth can set you free.

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