The Quickest Way to Get Rich and Manifest Financial Abundance

Give it all away!

That’s right, the quickest way to get the perfect amount of money for you is to first give away all the money you already have.

Essentially, in giving your money away, you’re acting as if you are already financially abundant, and sure enough – you are.

Give, give, give, give, give, and you shall receive abundantly!

Part of me is speaking from experience, and then also, just this morning – my suspicions were confirmed.

Brian Tome, pastor of Crossroads Church, a church that began with only 12 members  15 years ago and today hosts more than 12,000 people- that’s huge! – he runs his church by spending all the money they receive, pretty much immediately.  At a recent talk he gave, he shared that the church saves enough money to keep it open for three weeks.  Other than that, it spends all of it!

And think about it – how inspiring is it to hear that someone is willing to receive your money and save it up for a rainy down?  No one wants to hear that!

People want to hear that their money will be well spent and put to use immediately.  The rainy day we are saving for is today!

The very best is upon us, today.  There is no need to wait to pull out the finest china, and fancy glasses and embroidered placemats.  Today is the day!  Today is a day worthy of all the best we have to offer.

And today is the perfect day to give, give, give, give!  Invest in the future.  Investing is active; saving is passive.  No one is inspired by saving!  People are inspired by investing in a more abundant and wonderful future, and people will give to people fearlessly give themselves.

From what i understand, Gandhi essentially lived without money.  And, from what i understand, he gave away more money than probably 99% of the world’s population today.  Because he demonstrated detachment from money and had no desire to keep for himself, people wanted to give him money by the truckload! And he would ride around trains in India just throwing money out the window.  That’s how abundant he was.

Especially operating from the perspective of Oneness, and embracing the idea that we are interconnected, interdependent, and interbeing – giving is the best thing you can do for the whole.  And, giving to anyone is giving to yourself.  So there’s never any loss.  Giving is simply an abundant behavior, and the more you give the more receive, whether physically or metaphysically.  The gifts always come back around!   In serving, we are served.  In giving, we receive.

Imagine someone giving you money who you know has little to no money.  Like, you walk on the street and a poor person offers you five dollars.  For one, you’d be stunned.  For two, you might not accept the money.  And three, you’d probably be then inclined to give him money!  He’s showing you how financially abundant he is – demonstrating that he has more than enough – and because he shows you how he abundant he is, his abundance moves you to want to demonstrate your own financial abundance as well.  And, even if you don’t end up offering him any money, at least you would walk away from the experience questioning your relationship with money and why someone who apparently has very little money would offer you what little he has.

It’s like the story from the Bible of the woman who gave 99% of her fortune, which was maybe only a dollar, or a few pennies, in contrast to the man who gave 10% of his fortune, which was maybe $10,000.  But the one who receives the greater reward is the woman who gave only the pennies, because she theoretically gave more of herself.  The more we give, the more receive.

Giving is abundance.  If we want abundance, we’ve got to feel and act abundant.  And that means giving.  That means not desiring but instead appreciating what we already have, and realizing how much we have to give and to share.

Here’s my plan for manifesting financial abundance this Christmas.

What little money i do have, i’m giving it to people.

And i know that they’re going to be somewhat shocked that i have any money to give them in the first place.

And then they’ll probably think, ‘Well golly, this guy who has practically no money just gave me an abundance.  And here I am, who thought i was the one financially prosperous, and i barely gave him anything…what’s that about it?  I guess I can give him more, certainly at least i can give him more than he gave me!”

And even if that isn’t the receiver’s stream of thought, and even i don’t receive any financial abundance in return, i’m totally at peace with that, because either way i am financially abundant.  The beautiful thing is abundance is all a matter of perspective.  And, like the wonderful song goes, “Tis a gift to be simple.”  When you live simply and have very few desires, you can experience financial abundance right now.  In fact, right now we are all already financially abundant, and we are also totally scarce and lacking.  See, it’s all perspective, and it can even change moment to moment.  Giving is a definite way to affirm the abundance of Creation that is our birthright, whereas hoarding/saving is a way to live more in the realm of scarcity and lack.

For abundance, give!

God provides.  No matter how much you have, your body isn’t going to live forever anyway.  Besides, the experience beyond the human one is probably totally awesome anyway, just like this one 🙂

The key to abundance is to realize you already are abundant. And embrace your abundance!  Consider, how would an abundant person act?

They would give, give, give, give, give!

Brian Tome runs Crossroads, a totally abundant megachurch that hosts thousands of people weekly, and he only saves up enough money to keep the church running for 3 weeks at a time.  Other than that, all he does with the money is give, give, give, give, give!

Giving is inspiring.  Giving inspires more giving.  Your example of giving will inspire more people to give more abundantly too, and slowly but surely we will always realize more abundantly our own abundance 🙂

Love and Gratitude!

p.s.  so grateful for this abundance!!!

p.p.s.  The number one relationship to work in your life is your relationship with the Eternal, the Permanent.  And your relationship with the Eternal might not be that much different from your relationship with the Present Moment.  Basically, more and more, love your Present Moment, love the Eternal.  If…if…you want to experience love and abundance 🙂


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