The Wisdom of Children

‘My’ mom, Mother Eagle as i like to call her, once asked my two sisters, “What was the hardest part of being a baby?”  She asked them each this question when they were about 4 or 5, so this was many years ago!, and she found their answers so special that she wrote them down and retells the stories often.

When Mother Eagle asked Leslie this question,

“What was the hardest part about being a baby?”

Leslie’s answer, “Not knowing why i was crying.”

And there you have it!  Emotions happen.  Sometimes for reasons well beyond our understanding.  So what’s the lesson?  Who knows!  Just let it be.

Perhaps the lesson is…don’t get sad over looking sad.  Just because someone looks one way and like they are experiencing a particular emotions, like sadness through crying, doesn’t mean they are actually sad. So, we can always give people the benefit of the doubt!  Even if someone is crying, perhaps they are really joyful, or perhaps the body just really wanted to experience the tears while the mind and spirit are just fine.  We can ever know what is going on on the inside.  So why not assume the best? That’s probably more realistic anyway 🙂

And now!  For Sister Julie’s response, which i initially took to be the more profound wisdom, and perhaps the greatest lesson for humanity.

“What was the hardest part of being a baby?”

Her response, when she was 5 or 6, maybe 8, who knows…”Not being able to tell anyone what you wanted, so you rarely got it.”



Did you read that?

The hardest part of being a baby, “Not being able to tell people what you want, so you rarely got it.”

How can we ever expect to get what we want if we don’t tell people about it???

Are we expecting people to read our minds and know our desires without us verbally communicating it to them?

Even more, at least a baby has clear wants, sometimes in our grown-up version we really don’t know what we want.  What do you want?

Whatever you want…communicate it!  Broadcast your desires!  This is so key.  And ultimately, the great peace comes when you are so aligned with your desires that you will fearlessly share them with anyone.  You own your desires so much that you’ll fearlessly post them on Facebook, on a blog, on twitter, text them to all your friends – whatever!  No shame, no guilt, no anger, no pride, no fear, just love and peace and joy and goodness and a peace with your desires and a sense of goodness in their fulfillment!  Let us strive for these desires that we can and do fearlessly share with all the world!  Then surely, all the world will ever so gently maneuver its way to bring us exactly what we desire.

When our desires are fulfilled, we experience greater happiness, joy, peace, goodness, whatever you want to call it.  And each one of us, deep down inside if not on the very surface as well, want everyone to experience all the goodness.  We’re all in this together, and we all want what’s best for everyone, even if we won’t admit it 😉

The way we show that we want what’s best for everyone is wanting and working for the fulfillment of everyone’s purest, highest, noblest, truest desires – those desires that we’ll fearlessly broadcast to all our friends, relatives, networks, and beyond!

So then…without further ado…the present moment – here and now! – seems like a perfect opportunity to broadcast some desires!

– I desire to become E-RYT 500 certified and from there to lead yoga teacher trainings…that would be totally awesome!

– I desire to lead street retreats as a means to freeing people from material realizing, discovering the basic goodness of all people and life, and overcoming fears of poverty or lack…to more fully realize the abundance and unconditional support of this wonderful creation 🙂

– I desire to live in a world where all life is perceived as friendly, loving, wonderful, beautiful, and divine, and where we treat all life as sacred, cherishing it fully, treating it with gentleness, kindness, and compassion.  This largely means desiring an end to slaughterhouses and the meat and dairy industry…perhaps replaced with more abundant industries growing fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains!  I also desire a world in which everyone feels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually terrific!  Healthy, happy, holy, and flourishing!

– I desire to perceive the perfection of Creation more and more, and to realize Heaven on Earth in the Here and Now!  I desire to enjoy the fullness of this present, wonderful moment, while at the same time progressively realizing a worthy idea, working and playing and loving and giving for the good of everyone and everything, serving the Highest Good of All!

– I desire to be able to carry everything that i own. 🙂  Divine Simplicity

– I desire to live universally, an exemplary life, worthy of emulation – a holy, happy, healthy life – easeful, peaceful, useful.  Always giving, growing, serving, loving, expanding, evolving!

– Evolve! Evolve! Evolve!

– I desire to enjoy food as an ends in and of itself, not for greater enjoy but just for the joy of the experience, of it being what is happening in the Here and Now, when it is 🙂  To mindfully enjoy meals, filled with gratitude and deep appreciation for the collaboration of the entire universe and the history of all creation to make the meal, the feast!, a Reality, when it is 🙂

– I desire to become more and more growth and service-oriented; to forget the small self in service to the Higher Self, in service to the Greater Good!  To the glory of God, in the service to all humanity, all life, All That Is 🙂

– I desire that we all open our minds and cultivate an understanding for all the world’s major religions, and that this understanding is a pathway for universal peace, harmony, friendship, and brother/sisterhood.  Unity!!!

– I desire to see God in all things, to behold the Beloved everywhere!

– I desire to perceive reality accurately.  To live in and serve in the light of Truth 🙂

– i desire to inspire Yogihood, and compassionate, simple, spiritual living.

– I desire to play, to have fun, and enjoy!  Smiling, laughing, singing, dancing…in abundance!!!

– I desire to know and share an abundance of enlightening stories, tales, parables, quotes, poetry…and to listen to these stories being shared as well 🙂  To grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding.

–  I desire to unconditionally love everyone and everything.

– I desire to live in a constant state of feeling so grateful and appreciative for the abundance all around, of the wonderful world, the amazing Creation, all life and All That Is!

– I desire to live a fully realized, dedicated, surrendered life to God, to Infinite Goodness and Glory, to the Ineffable 🙂

–  Maybe the last desire…for now…I desire desirelessness!  Just to be in the Here and Now, in the perfection, in the bliss, in the infinity and beyond!

p.s. broadcasting desire feels really good 🙂

Infinite Love, Compassion, and Gratitude


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