The Best Way to Wake Up in the Morning


Wake up first thing in the morning and sin!


Because sin is illusion.

Consciously sinning is essentially any activity we feel guilty about because it goes against what we currently know/understand/perceive as the best course of action.

For example, this morning, I ate a donut, and as I was eating it, I didn’t feel that good about it.  I prefer vegan foods, this donut was far from vegan, and far from what I knew to be best for optimal health and flourishing, so why the heck would I eat it?

Whatever the why, the fact was, this body was eating it.  And the attitude towards the action wasn’t all that great.  While eating it, the internal dialogue was something like, “I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m doing it anyway.” So I was ‘should’-ing on myself, hence the feeling of shame/guilt.

After finishing the first donut, there was still one more remaining.  I took the first bite out of the remaining donut and then triumphantly said something internally like “Enough is enough,” put the donut back in the bag, and slammed it down into the trash.

I then decided I wanted to take the dog for a walk, but before doing this I went to see if the brother, who is somewhat sick right now, would like anything before I went on the walk.  After bringing up the food he requested, giving him a hard time about requesting turkey, and calling him a dickhead for citing that human beings have been eating animals for thousands of years as a good reason to continue to eat them, I went back downstairs to address the donut in the trash.

The perspective I took towards the donut totally shifted.  Instead of perceiving it as something unworthy, unhealthy, poisonous, toxic, temptation – I shifted to perceive it as a gift.  A gift!

The donut went from being temptation to a gift.

And so, filled with gratitude, I enjoyed the second donut.  Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Amazingly, I’m still alive!  Two donuts will not kill you.  Or at least, not this time 🙂

What’s the lesson?

Sin is illusion.

While eating the first donut, I was operating from a perspective of sin and temptation and guilt.  This was not enjoyable, and the whole time eating the donut the thoughts were along the lines, “Why am I doing this? This is wrong.  This is stupid.”

Fast forward ten minutes and to a second donut, the thoughts while eating this donut were something like, “I am so grateful for this abundance!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I dedicate this all to you, Lord.”

What I initially thought was temptation was really a gift.

And of course, it’s all perspective.

Hence, one of the highest teachings is Subjective Reality; to each his/her own.

Every one of us decides for ourselves.  No one chooses for us.  We decide.  We choose.  Individually.

And sure, we can be influenced by each other. I’ve been influenced by health books to think donuts are ‘bad,’ ‘unhealthy,’ even poisonous.  Meanwhile, I’ve been influenced by spiritual books and personal experiences to think that on some level, everything’s divine and totally good.

One way is not right and the other wrong; they are simply different ways of perceiving reality.  You choose!

So why is waking up first thing in the morning sinning such a great idea?

Because, for one, you can then joyously proclaim the rest of the day, “I’m a sinner!!!” relieve yourself of the anxiety of feeling like you’re standing on some holy pedestal, and free yourself from the burden of judging other people.  Sinning first thing in the morning connects you with human fallibility and likely helps develop a forgiving, compassionate attitude towards all life.  Forgive us all Father for none of us know what the holy macaroni we’re doing 🙂

Sinning first thing in the morning might also lead to you the realization that sin is subjective, and ultimately, it’s all an illusion.  Sin exists when we think,”This is definitely right and that is definitely wrong.”  When there’s a this and a that and an ‘other,’ we think there’s sin.  We judge.  We determine this is good and this is bad.  And then we are lifting up the heavy burden of supposed omniscience, living like we know everything!  So then of course eating dairy becomes a sin, eating meat becomes a sin, getting angry is a sin, feeling annoyed is a sin, cussing at another is a sin, and so on.  And then we start ‘should’-ing on ourselves and we ‘should’ on others and the world we live in is pretty crazy 🙂

Great freedom comes when we consciously try to sin and then realize how difficult it is to do, and realize how much illusion we live in!

For example, I might wake up and try to sin.  Maybe I’ll run outside, ring the neighbors doorbell, then run back inside.  That sounds like a sin, right?  Ding-dong-ditch first thing in the morning?

Reflecting on the idea even now, I can see how that might actually be a wonderful thing.  Perhaps you’ve been in a heated discussion with someone before and then the doorbell rings and you realize how the heat from the discussion was illusion, and it evaporates into thin air with the sound of the doorbell. Maybe that’s how my ding-dong-ditch served its purpose 🙂

Or maybe you wake up first thing in the morning and slap your face.  Ow!  That hurt.

But then, reflecting back on it throughout your day, you come to see how that was more of a funny way to start the day than a sinful one.  Novelty isn’t so bad after all!

Consciously sinning might be the new big thing.  The more we bring consciousness to our supposed sins and really try to sin, the more we tune into the illusion of sun, and perhaps the Higher Reality of a basic goodness and divinity to all creation.

Few burdens are heavier to carry than the burden of judgment.  It’s a heavy load that implies complete understanding and omniscience of Reality.  Do you really want that responsibility?

If you consciously try to sin right now, it might be the thing that’s really best for you right now more than anything else.  Often times, I think what we might consider sin is really fear.  Are you claiming holiness and righteousness when really it’s just fear keeping you in your place?

The choice is between fear and love.  Choose love.

Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is bliss.  Know nothing and be free!

love love love Love LOVE LOVE lOVE Love lovE Evolve EVOLVE love evolve Love Evolve love


Obligation #1: Gratitude!

Obligation #2: Surrender to God 🙂

Rule #6: Stop taking yourself so goddamn seriously.

Commandment #11: Thou shalt not criticize, condemn, or complain.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s simple recipe for success: “Breathe, smile, go slowly.” 🙂


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