Why the Virgin Birth?

The virgin birth…

it’s about…


Believe in the possibility.

It does not matter so much whether or not it happened.  What matters is believing in the possibility that it could have happened, and that it might even happen again!

Imagine living back in Biblical Times.  People did not claim to know very much.  Science wasn’t as robust as it is today.  People might even tell you that they know very little.  However, if there’s one thing you can bet people know, just like people will tell you they know today – is where babies come from!

Everyone thinks they know where babies come from and how babies are made, generally speaking.  People of today as well as people of thousands of years ago understood that sexual intercourse was and is the means by which a woman opens herself up to the possibility of being pregnant.  Without the intercourse, being pregnant is impossible, right?

Not so!  There’s always a possibility.  And that’s the key.  Opening up to the Infinite possibility.  The one thing we might think we know is that babies happen from sexual intercourse, but not always!

Who really knows for certain?  Maybe people can get pregnant without sex.  Who knows??? Why couldn’t it be possible?

It could be possible!  It is possible!  Perhaps it has happened once or ten or a thousand times, who really knows?

The Virgin Birth is about living with an open mind.  It’s living humbly, ultimately professing, “I don’t know…anything’s possible!”

Embracing the Virgin Birth is embracing infinite possibility, infinite potential, and the infinite creative power of God.  Sure, traditional science might tell us that babies only happen after  sexual intercourse, but opening to the belief that they can happen spontaneously, without intercourse, is liberating.

Liberate yourself!

It’s not about believing in a factual story about a person born of a virigin.  More significantly, i think, is to allow your mind to remain open to the possibility that it might have happened once and that it can certainly happen again.

Because who knows? Infinite Possibility!

Living in a world of possibility is fun.  To put it simply, close-mindedness is just you limiting yourself.  Dogma cripples.

Better to remain open, open, open, completely open 🙂

Based on the policy of openness, i’ve adopted the word “Flexitarian” when it comes to describing food preferences.  I originally heard about the term referring to Bill Cliton and how he categorizes himself regarding food.  The idea is, you can prefer vegetarian foods, you can prefer vegan foods, but ultimately you embrace flexibility – infinite flexibility!!! – to act freely in the Here and Now, to forever adapt, adjust, and accommodate.

The only dogma is non-dogma 🙂

Love and Gratitude!

p.s.  Been reading the World’s Religions recently, written by Huston Smith – great book!  Regarding Islam, he writes there are two fundamental obligations for Muslims.  The first, by virtue of being created, is to be grateful!!!!

Hear that? The first obligation is gratitude!!!

And second?  Surrender to God 🙂


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