One of the Best Ways to Elevate Your Behavior, Performance, and Being

Surround yourself with people who you’d like to become!

Surround yourself with people who you admire!

This is called the Sangha.  This is called the Reference Group.  This is called your Peers.

This is who you hang out, who you associate with, who you spend time with.

One great thing I’ve noticed – in any person, you can emphasize both more positive and more supposedly negative qualities.  For that person to positively influence you, you’d be better off to focus on their good qualities that you admire, respect, and would like to embody yourself, and forget about any bad qualities.

For example, I know a person who practices great generosity financially and with giving precious time and attention to people.  This person practices humility and goes with the flow without rigidly attaching to particular ways.  This person is happy and humorous and very pleasant, also very nurturing!

So this person has all these positive, wonderful qualities I’d like to embody more fully.  Yet for some reason, I might tend to focus on the some of the qualities i’d consider negative.  And as much as i focus on the negative qualities and identify the person strongly with the negative qualities, i notice myself embodying those same negative qualities too!  For example, sometimes I think of this person as someone who eats unhealthy foods at the wrong times, like late night, and as someone who demonstrates little control over restraining themselves with indulging in sweets.  Sure enough, i find that same behavior coming out in me!

Perhaps the lesson here is – be careful!  Focus on the good and you’ll see the good and you’ll be the good.  In any moment, there are more positive and more negative things you can think about. The choice is yours.  You are free to focus on whatever you want.  The key is to more actively become conscious of your great power to focus and begin to consciously focus more and more on the good that you desire.

What’s one of the most powerful ways to elevate your behavior?

Elevate the people you surround yourself with.

It’s been said, we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time around.  Sure enough, I’ve been spending time around a lot of people who enjoy reading, writing, and eating, and that’s what i’ve been doing too 😉

Thankfully, the people i’m around are also very generous, and i’ve found myself being more generous too.

People rub off on us.  Positively and negatively.  The more consciousness we bring to creating our peer group and consciously choosing the people we hang around and emphasizing all of the positive qualities, the more we are consciously creating our future and becoming more and more that person we’d like to see ourselves as 🙂

Sangha!  Sangha!  Sangha!

Sangha is just like your group of friends or community, and yet sangha carries with it a spiritual connotation.  Imagine a sangha has your reference group and everyone is in it spiritually-oriented and identifies themselves as on the spiritual journey.

Sangha is so powerful.

We become what we think about.  Our thoughts create reality.  And people influence our thoughts.  Surround yourself with people who think in ways you want to think about, and who think about things you enjoy thinking about.  Lift each other up 🙂

And, good news!  If, as far as physical people go, you find it challenging to find people you admire and would like to associate with more, that’s okay.  You can always read!  Reading about anyone for an hour a day, that person becomes part of your reference group.  Through books, we can ‘hang out’ with wonderful people from all ages of history, and the more we ‘hang out’ with them, the more we become like them.

Let yourself be lifted up!

Look for the good. Read.

Believe and Achieve.

Gratitude.  So much gratitude! 🙂


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